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hi, @DEEPAMENON , just like the below message, i just joined the forum and wish to post a question. i saw the thread already closed. Is there a linkedin audio tomorrow on May 30th? what time is that? is it the same time as the conference call? could you provide some instruction? Appreciate your time.
Hi veggie3 please, can I talk with you about the home residency requirement?

Thank you.
My asylum was granted from immigration judge but have not done biometric because i dont received any appointment letter what can i do now because am scared please any reply Asap thanks
Hi @DEEPAMENON, I just joined this forum and want to post question for April 25, 2024 free conference call. However, it seems like the thread has closed. Is it possible to post new question now? If not, can I join the call and ask question, or only questions posted on the thread will be answered? Thank you!
Thanks for your comment. You may want to post your question for our next free community conference call (May 9th, 2024). We take only 10 questions. Hence the thread is closed.
We also have a LinkedIn audio happening next Thursday which you may want to join depending on the urgency of your query: www.linkedin.com/in/rajivskhanna
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Hi @DEEPAMENON , how can I watch today's latest live forum call? how to join conference calls?
Hussein Ismail
me and my family were DV2024 winners and we had a problem with the visa after they print for us.
the issue is my 4 yrs old son date of birth on his visa is not matching with the date of birth on his passport and birth certificate.
visa: 1/1/2019
Passport: 1/12020
since we received visa march 1st can this discrepancy affect our journey to US ?

please help.
my email. xuseentwo2@gmail.com