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Hi khodalmd,
I was searching the net as I am in the same boat as you were in 2006-07. My son is currently on pending AOS (I-485). He is waiting for F-1 which is currently taking too long and he is supposed to start Graduate course at UMBC, Maryland this fall.
If you don't mind can you guide me on what documentation you used to convince them.
Hi Deepa, I'd like to post a question for Jun 24th call but unfortunately the forum is closed. Can you please help me add a question at the last. I would be happy to send the question to you. I am going through a tough time with my previously dismissed DV case and would like to get Rajiv sir's input on the same. Thank you so much Deepa.
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You can post your query now. The conference call link is open for July 8th.