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  • Hello, I had to get a letter from police to go with court doc , the issue is they have responded by email with a signed letter. I's this sufficient to be looked at as an original document so I can copy and be certified?
    Hi everybody!
    Do I have to submit DS-260 forms for all derivative in my case even though they are not immigrating to USA? not even later. what if I submit for me only as principal applicants and not for derivatives? will my application be processed?
    I was selected for the GCard2018.while US case num is availab.I filled out ds260 and sent it on Jan and Ive my medicine exam.I didn't not filled out the I485 bc I want go on my interview in my the DS260 I wrote American it possible go on interview in my country?what should I do for it?I know KCC scheduled interviews already.I'll not have time do it in US bc of deadline.what should I do?
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    I don’t respond to messages on my profile timeline. Post your questions in the visa lottery forum.
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    hello mom! I have won diversity green card lottery. I filled out DS 260 application and sent it to them. My visa bulletin shows that my number on August. I just found out about I 485 form. Do I have to fill it out? Please I need your help
    hi I am seleceted of green card for diversity immigrant visa program for 2018.I did everything and I gave my finger print on 23 april.Im still waiting my interview date.Is it normal to take to long?I am not getting infopass appoinment.Thera are no available day.What can I do except waiting im living in dallas
    thank you
    I am a DV winner 2019 with case number 2019AF9***, GHANA. I failed in one subject and had an E in another but my results got me into a Polytechnic and then my first degree in Banking & Finance. I’ve been working with my current co. for 5 years now, I have my appt letter and promotional letters. Could the high school results deny me a visa? When can I have an interview if I complete my DS-260 in August 2018?
    Hi, I'm having trouble posting a new thread , I'm getting the error spam like content please contact an administrator :(. please help.
    I was excited to have received a new notificacion from USCIS, I wrote without thinking. Then I realized you were right.
    The least I want is to have a problem. I am an inmigrant student and I have nothing in this country, but a whole family in my country waiting for my support. I know I made a mistake and I am ashamed and truly sorry, I know that it was an unsensitive comment. I tried to delete it as soon as possible, before sussy captured it.
    I am sorry if I was offensive before, that is not my intention as you and this forum have helped me a lot. I apologize
    I am new here.
    I want this forum to please enlighten me on this. If the middle name is abreviated (as in O.) in the academic document but it is written full in the passport and edv. Will that lead to disqualification?
    for example: Benjamin Rex O. (academic document)
    Benjamin Rex Omes( passport, birth cert and edv). thanks
    Hi Sm1smom,
    I am currently holding a F-1 in U.S. and I am selectee this year. I found your AOS Package spreadsheet file. The AOS FAQs mentions about AOS based EAD changes your current status to 'adjustment pending' status. If AOS petition gets denied, you cannot revert back to that previous status unless you previous status was a dual intent visa status. How about applying AOS while holding F-1?
    Thank you!
    Yes i went to school but i couldn't meet the requirements to start school. 2 days before i filed my case the college informed me that they would terminate my case. A week later USCICS sent me an acknowledgment receipt of my case. A month later too, the college asked me to pass by and they would refularize my situation. So i do not really knownif they terminated it or not.
    My CN is current in May and I am about to send my AOS package, but our FO said it will take more than 6 months for giving us an interview appointment because our case is like other AOS cases. Is that right? Is there anything we can do to expedite the process?
    Hi Sm,
    Could you help me with my children 485 denied. I don't know what to do. Do I should send another file 485 or motion to reopen?
    Hello Sm1smom,

    I have an important question

    my nationality is Eritrea African country '
    and I born and live in Saudi Arabia

    What should I use in application Eritrea or Saudi Arabia ?
    If I use Eritrea I have a chance more than Asian Saudia Arabia

    I won when I used Eritrea in DV-2015 but my case number is very high 65***
    Hello Sm1smom,

    I have one question.

    During my interview back in March 2016,I noticed there are 2 colors for the file folder Red and yellow.

    My folder is in RED, in the same time other people was in yellow folder

    what is the difference between RED folder and YELLOW folder?

    any input will be appreciate.

    thank you.
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