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    1. macede
      Hello, I would like to know if one can safelly travel abroad and return to the US on TN (Canadian), good through the end of 2019, while H1B (POE notification) is pending.
      I've heard that H1B does not impose any travel restrictions, Is that correct? On the other hand, I've seen in many forums that one would be abandoning the H1B if left the country while H1B is pending/processing.
      Your help is greatly appreciated!
    2. Morteza
      I have been employed since May 2018 (I am on F-1 OPT now), and wanted to add my wife to my health insurance plan. The employer asked me for my wife's ITIN or SSN. I am sure that she is not eligible to receive a SSN. I was wondering if she qualifies for an ITIN as she did not have any income in the USA.
      I really appreciate your time!
    3. Morteza
      Hi Nelsona! I noticed that you are an expert in tax problems. I would really appreciate it if you help.
      I entered the US in 2013 on F-1 (student) visa. I got married in 2017 and filed my 2017 tax return as married filing separately, as I was a nonresident alien. So I submitted these forms: 1040NR-EZ, and two 8843 for myself and my wife. I received my tax return.
    4. caneng
      Hello Nelsona, I just wanted to thank you for frequent and extremely useful posts on this forum. I received my TN visa last week. Your postings helped me prepare for the TN application process and gather enough confidence to apply for my dream job in US. Given the current political narrative and without your help, it is very unlikely that I would have applied for a TN visa. Thanks once again.
    5. khan687
      HI Nelsona -I have lost my job on TN Visa 20 days ago, but I did not exit as my I 94 status on CPB site is B2 , admitted till 3/4. (officer enter by mistake during my last trip to CA)
      Am I in good status? Or was I supposed to exit ?
    6. chuysta
      hello Nelsona, first of all i want to thank you, this info is pure gold to me, The main reason why I talk to you is because im an TN user, for two years now and i want to get GC, now a days i just wanted to asked you if you recommend take the TN-GC path as curiousgeorge, or take TN-H-1B-GC, once again thanks a lot.
    7. Vijaya Reddy
    8. bobbyr1975
      Is it mandatory to have computer systems analyst as title in previous experience? The officer asked for proof of experience when I called him for appointment at port huron, MI.

    9. bobbyr1975
      I have the TN support letter from the USA employer, offer letters and termination details from my previous employers along with the credential assessment. I am just concerned that the offer letters or termination details do not mention my title as a systems analyst. Any advice with regard to proving experience will definitely help.

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