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    Offer letter for TN

    Your relationship with your sponsor is still viable, so is your TN. Patience. And remind everyone later of the man who is to blame for this.
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    foreign credentials evaluation for unrelated bs degree

    My original response still stands. TN in accounting doesn't require a degree -- and certainly not unrelated ones.
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    Is TN status considered resident alien?

    There are MANY definitions of resident, and residency. Unfortunately, as far back as 2001, the California State university system -- despite a certain TD waging a long administrative battle -- has not recognized TN/TDs as resident for state tuition purposes. IRS and USCIS definitions of...
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    Curiousgeorge TN->GC link

    Due to various upgrades in the system, the link that curiousgeorge provides at the bottom of his posts doesn't point to his authoritative TN->GC post. Here is a fresh link
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    carry something with your address onit. It was merely convenient for the officer, rather than have obe dictate their address.
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    TD Visa Extension

    1. Your status would be TD-pending, which is quite acceptable. I-539 cannot be premiumed. 2. Yes, you can include your I-539 with her I-129, this typically results in quicker approval. 3. You would have to file yourown I-539 based on her current I-94. When her I-129 is eventually filed, you...
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    Approved 797 - Not yet stamped - now intent to revoke status

    Correction as White pointed out, you would have had to work even one day before revocation, to be cap exempt. However it looks like since his visa was not approved, he never worked in H1, so would not be cap exempt. The key is approved and start using H1 before revocation.
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    Approved 797 - Not yet stamped - now intent to revoke status

    I believe that since you were indeed approved, you are eligible for H1 migration and are cap-exempt, even if revoked later. This is NOT the same situation as h1-B denial, which would leave you starting at square one. But, once approved for h1, even if you did not start working -- regardless of...
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    TN when I have a I-130

    When one files I-130 or I-140, one selects processing at that time: either Consular Processing (CP) to be completed at a Consulate, or Adjustment of Status (AOS), completed within US. CP guarantees that you will leave the country, proving categorically that you are not immigrating on this or any...
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    TN when I have a I-130

    Unlike for I-140, DHS does not have administrative direction to 'ignore' I-130 when determining whether one has immigrant intent, which would thus most likely prevent getting TN. of course, if you chose Consular Processing on the I-130, you could argue that you cannot have immig intent on the...
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    Foreign degree evaluation

    The transcript usually is what is evaluated. There are many acceptable firms. He suggested one.
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    Financial analyst

    Probably not going to work.
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    IQAS evaluation

    UofT is obviously a Cdn firm. That said, ICAS does seem to gear its services towards Cdn immigration and institutions. I would try with your current eval if you have a prepared petition, rather than waiting for another eval.
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    Financial analyst

    Financial Analyst is not a TN category. What is yoru degree in, and how does that degree fit with (a) a TN category, and (b) the job you are seeking? In recent years, Financial analyst petitions by those with Economics degrees are no longer being approved. So, you may need to find a job that is...
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    IQAS evaluation

    It does not have to be evaluated by a US firm.