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  • hello Guy ,
    I am a dv2023 winner, I am Mauritanian but I have been a student in Senegal for 6 years. I have a small concern at the level of foreign states chargeability when I registered on the foreign states chargeability I chose Senegal instead of Mauritania.
    could this error harm me on the day of my interview?
    Thank you to answer to me
    Thanks you bro ,
    By the way
    I am a student in Senegal but I Was born in Mauritania . I realized that on my letter of selection my foreign chargeability is Senegal instead of Mauritania
    my question is to know
    would I be deemed eligible for the visa?



    If you were born in Mauritania that should be your chargeability, not Senegal. This could disqualify you.
    @Sidicisse please post your questions in the appropriate DV2023 - all selectees thread in the forum to get good answers.
    Hello Deepa,

    I posted a question for August 18, 2022 Call but could not attend the call. My question was flagged as FAQ & I guess it was discussed in the call. I don't see my question/Answer in the FAQ section or the call recording. Could you please help me locate the same & send me the link for call recording?


    Hi Deepa,

    Can you please help? I am getting this message when I try to post my questions to Rajiv ji.

    Oops! We ran into some problems.
    Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator.

    Hi Deepa,

    DV 2023 - to understand the highest case number per region and potentially an estimate of selectees, could we create an online survey/questionnaire?

    Many thanks.


    Hi Deepa, I would like to post a question for the call in 4th week of November 2021. Please guide.
    This is one of his comments on the post:
    "You understand what i write motherfucker ! Shut the fuck up and don’t even reply me son of bitch! If you dare reply me in the messages bitch!!! Here we go guys oliver is the son of the biggest hoe in the middle east"
    Hi Deepa, can we see the final list of questions from earlier months? I am unable to see them now.
    Hi Deepa
    I have a query and not able to find the link to put it. Can you please help where I can put my query? TIA
    We have closed the thread to 12 questions for the next conference call. Can you wait till the next call which will be on September 16
    Hi, We usually close the thread for 12 to 13 questions. We exceeded this time. Can you please post your query for the next conference call?
    Hi Deepa,

    I would like to post a question for the next call. I am not able to find a link to post. Can you please guide ?

    Hi Deepa, I'd like to post a question for Jun 24th call but unfortunately the forum is closed. Can you please help me add a question at the last. I would be happy to send the question to you. I am going through a tough time with my previously dismissed DV case and would like to get Rajiv sir's input on the same. Thank you so much Deepa.
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    You can post your query now. The conference call link is open for July 8th.
    Hello Deepa, Would like to ask the question below. Could it be included in the call on 27th May?
    My Green card is valid but it is more than a year I am in India and don't have a reentry permit either. I came to India to look after my parents. Later on, Covid hit. I am still not able to come to the US. What are my options?- Do I File SB-1 at the consulate or is there any other option?
    Ok, will join tomorrow's call to listen. However, can I ask the question if time permits? Thanks.
    Yes please join the call today. Rajiv will address your question if time permits.
    Ok Thanks
    Hi Deepa,
    I was trying to post a question for the next conference call 04/29, but i see it has already been closed. Please suggest where we can post a question and how it will be included in the final list. Thank you!
    Hi Skaddepalli. We have closed the thread for now. Can your question wait till the next conference call? That will happen only on 13 May.
    is it possible to include one question in FEB 4 conference call now ? can i please post it here ?
    Hi Dhruv80. Sorry, you can post your question for the next conference call. Usually, we have only 14 questions. But we exceeded the numbers this time.
    Current Situation: I am on F! and pursuing my second master with day1 CPT university. In April 2019 we have filled for H!B under consular processing and received the approval in Feb, 2020. However, because of current pandemic I can't travel for visa stamping.
    Question: I received new job offer. So, can I file an amendment with change of status in order to change my visa status to HiB from F1?
    Hello Deepa, I have a question for the ongoing conference. I'm a naturalized citizen. I applied for I130 for my parents and it got denied due to an issue with my birth certificate. My parents have 10 yr multiple entry visa still valid till 2026. Now, can they travel to US as visitor? will they be denied entry on port of entry?
    I have completed 3yrs diploma in civil engineering course and in would like to know the category at which it falls in dv2021 ?
    Hi, I will like to add some text (make modifications) to my question which I posted for June 6th Conference Call. Can you please allow me to edit it

    Kind Regards
    Do give me the revised question. I will post it for you.
    i would like to post a question for tomorrow. I am not able to do it for some reason. please give me instructions
    My question is whether we can provide medical poster presentations or case presentatins in meetings can be presented as evidence for show case or exhibition of art for EB1 application
    I would like to share my experience for my pending N-400. I got interviewed in 10/11/18, and the officer wasn’t nice at all because she was talking with attitude during the whole interview, and she was interrupting me with every sentence I said. Anyway, I passed Civics and English tests, but the officer insisted to bring her an evidence about my name since I have mentioned in other names section my (
    I got an attitude from one in San Antonio and it is really ridiculous that we try to do the right thing and we got stuff like that happening to us. I could not get my word in and she denied my Citizenship, telling me I can file the next year. Which I did but I got an attorney to help me and I told him what had happened and before I could of said what happened he knew exactly who it was. I wish you luck.
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