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  • Hi! I read on a thread that you successfully sued USCIS. I am in the same boat. I was hoping that you could send me documents related to your case at: moazshiekh555@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Hello. I'm planning on filing a mandamus againt USCIS. It's been over 120 days since my Naturalization interview and I still haven't received an oath date. Can you please assist me if at all possible. I read that you did the same and was successfull in getting a resolution. Thank you.
    Hello. I am on the verge of filing WOM. When I read your post it made me very happy that it actually works. Today I am already 1109 days since filing I485, the story when inquiry is always the same. My question to you is this: could you tell me what have you done before filing WOM? what I did is inquiry almost 30 times infopass last 3 yrs, got my attorney involved that could not do anything, also conacted Congresman that got response back that I will have f-up interview that never came (later they stopped responding to him at all), contacted CIS Ombusdman but he got response that "pending review". Before I file WOM I was wondering what else should I do to get my case bolder :) thank you!
    My I485 has been long delayed. I am just wondering whether I could ask your WOM law suit document.I think I will follow what you suggested in this forum. Thanks for your help in advance.
    Hi Lazerthegreat, quick question, I moved recently and I just discovered that my greencard is missing and I have been hoping that I will find it but the real thing is that my priority date is march 2009, should I file form I-90 or should I file only police report, am afraid to file form I-90 it may delay my N-400 process cos both will be running concurrently, I need some imputs from you guys will police report suffix?. Thanks.
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