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  1. P

    E-3 to Green Card Lottery Winner Q.

    Hi all, I am currently on an E3 visa (non-immigrant non dual intent). I was selected for the GC lottery today in the low numbers (based off previous years calculations I should become current in Nov or Dec at the latest). I'm trying to decide between going down the Adjustment of Status (AoS) or...
  2. A

    Asylum-based I-485 Green Card, Case Trasferred to National Benefits Center

    Hi all, My asylum-based I-485 green card application was transferred National Benefits Center in Missouri. I'm pretty worried as some people say this usually means that USCIS will have me for an interview. However, I thought as the primary asylee, my I-485 application should not need an...
  3. N

    What happens to the Green Card process if H1b extension is denied?

    hello, I am on h1b visa for last 12 years and have an extension due later this year in Nov 2018. Considering the current situation where the RFE and denial rate has spiked, i am thinking ahead of time and preparing myself for the worse i.e. in case the extension gets denied. I have few...
  4. S

    Found my biological mother in U.S. and issue for I-130

    Hi, I have some questions regarding my immigration issue, my personal information is written below and would be really thankful to get some kind guidance: My father and mother divorced when I was very young, and I grew up with my biological father and step-mother. Last year when I was 25...
  5. S

    Can I apply for green card if I have TPS (nepal) and have a US born child ?

    I hear so many things but not sure what to do . I have TPS (nepal) and lost my status in 2008 recession while working. I came to US 20 years ago as a student and got H1b. Now I have a US born child. Can I get a green card ? Thank you Rajesh.
  6. M

    Global Entry Application

    Hello! Do you guys know if I can apply for Global Entry, myself being a GC holder via Asylum (AS6)? Am I eligible? Thank you!
  7. D


    Why a person should not start the Green Card process before getting an H1B? When can the person start the Green Card after the person's H1B has been filled / the person has got H1B approved?
  8. A

    Where is my G.C? Had email from USCIS but did receive the GC

    Hello everyone, I am over worried about my Green card , diversity visa (my first one GC, just after you arrive the first time in the territory, I arrived in the US the 8th of september 2017). So please please help me. Today 15 dec 2017, I wanted to track the GC as I didn't receive the GC yet...
  9. D

    EB5 - Waterfront business opportunity with 54 rooms hotel, 2 restaurants & 2 bars, Events space

    I have an EB5 investment opportunity for up to 3 people to invest in Waterfront property with 54 rooms hotel, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, events space for a wedding, boat rentals and more. This is a new business opening in San Francisco area projected to start operations from March 2018. Its a...
  10. G


    hi I spent 6 months in India then returned to US (November mid i returned to US ) now i want to go India and spend 6 months there, can i travel with in a month? Does it affect my Green Card status? or do i need to take any special permission?
  11. SS0033

    GC from TN Visa through EB3

    Hi Everyone, This might be a repetitive question but i'll make it a little specific with details. I have one Immigration lawyer telling me that H1B is the way to go and another lawyer saying that i don't need H1B for GC. I have TN since April 2016. I am Canadian citizen but i was born in...
  12. B

    manhattan i-485 experience

    Hi guys - is there anyone who: is a permanent resident, not a US citizen applied for green card for your spouse interviewed in new york city / manhattan? Could you pls share timeline? how long is the wait from i-485 biometrics to interview notice and interview? Thanks so much!!
  13. N

    AOS for dependent spouse who did unauthorized work

    I am on H1B visa married to a person on F1 visa. Recently I found out that my husband has been working for an year on his F1 visa outside of the campus illegally and getting paid under the table in cash. He says that he has never used his SSN for his employment neither has he collected any...
  14. Mitzey

    Domestic Violence conviction and Divorce. Can I still remove my Green Card conditions?

    Hi. So long story short. I moved to California from the UK, after my ex-wife had told me she was pregnant from my previous visit. We had been seeing each other long distance over the years. So I adjusted status through marriage to her (US Citizen). I have my conditional permanent residency green...
  15. W

    Marrying citizen of Syria

    Hello, I have received my green card from the DV lottery and am wondering what is the process if I want to marry a citizen of Syria and they are not in the U.S. Thanks.
  16. U

    Replace Belarusian passport

    My partner recently had her passport destroyed (by our dogs) and also her green card. We were planning on traveling at Christmas to the UK / Belarus but we have been told it can take over 3 months to replace a passport. Does anyone know if there is a way to expedite the process? And how hard is...
  17. C

    Need advice for citizenship application

    Good afternoon, Here's my short story: I became a permanent resident in november 2009 and lived in the USA until september 2011. At that point I left the USA for financial reasons, went back home and then did an accelerated school program in Australia. When I came back to the USA, it was March...
  18. R

    Interview Notice Not Received-Interview scheduled Next week...

    Hi All, My mother's i-485 case status says Interview Scheduled for July 18, 2017. Also it says if interview notice not received by July 16, put in a e-request. I have not received the notice yet, i have called USCIS a couple of times but the agent not providing any additional information. I...
  19. U

    US Citizen Born Abroad and Illegally Smuggled into US

    Hi, I am trying to help my friend get her child recognized as a US citizen. My friend, the mother, is a US citizen. The father is a US citizen. The child is 8. He was born in Costa Rica. Both of the parents live in in the US and have been her for several years. My friend was unable to...