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  1. N

    URGENT! Green card lost, but NO appointment available for Infopass to get the I-551 Stamp

    Hello, please case is super urgent... I lost my wallet with my green card inside on 1/31 in Fresno, i talked to the police and he said he would check the cctv and get back to me if he could find anything. since he hasnt replied me till now... and i have to travel on Friday (2/3) i...
  2. S

    F1 student also a derivative beneficiary of Green card - 204 I situation

    Thanks in advance for the help. I (primary petitioner) applied for GC for my sister(primary beneficiary), while the application was pending, she died tragically in a road accident. When I had applied, I had added her son (my nephew) who was a minor, as a derivative beneficiary. Later, I...
  3. J

    Green card taken away by CBP, statutory declaration signed.

    Hello, I had my Green Card taken away in Sep 2016 by the CBP prior to boarding a flight to the US. I am living in Canada now and had not satisfied my requirements to maintain US residency. It was only a matter of time unfortunately. My options were to sign a Statutory Declaration to relinquish...
  4. I

    Green Card Through Marriage Process when Currently Employed on H1b

    Hello, I am on H1B visa working for one of the top 10 consulting firms. Green card labor has been approved and waiting on i140. My girlfriend and I are planning to get married later this year and she is a citizen. I will be applying for green card through marriage. I have a few questions on...
  5. U

    Need to file Green Card for brother born in Africa

    Hi, I'm a US Citizen by naturalization and I would like to sponsor my brother who was born in Liberia- West Africa. Is there a shortest way to bring him here on Green Card ? He wants his son to come here who will be turning 18 in 2 years. Please advise ? Thank you. usati
  6. M

    PR with commuter status petitioning for spouse

    My GC secured about 8 months ago. I recently applied for a reentry permit to stay abroad for a long time. I also applied for my spouse (we married after getting the GC) a month ago. But recently we decided to move and stay in Canada until my spouse GC process get done. We want to reside in a...
  7. H

    I'm a green card holder and wish to travel to China...

    So I just received my green card, and now would like to travel to China for short period of time 3 months. To enter China mainland, I will need a valid Chinese passport but mine is expired a long time ago after staying in the U.S. 5 years. My questions are below: Is there a way I can renew my...
  8. H

    I have a very tricky situation...

    So I received the I-485 approval notice on 11/22/16, and I'm about to visit China, the country where I was born. This is going to be my first international travel right after I get my green card(assuming I'll get it soon). I'll be staying in China for 3 months at most. The tricky part is: my...
  9. N

    Missed our GC interview

    Hi, all. Husband and I got food poisoning day of interview. I managed to drive down there to let them know. The guy at the desk was super nice and said it was literally no problem, and to mail in a letter. I did, several days later. My attorney was mad we missed, and said I needed to schedule...
  10. P

    I730 - join family

    My father lives in us and we approved on 25 nov 2015, our interview was in abu dubai on 18 july! The consul officer said they will give us about 3 or 4 months our visa! Is there anyone apply v92/v93 , case i730 family ?! About 4 years he lives there! It's me and my mom and i'm under 21 ! We are...
  11. A

    Green Card Lottery 2018

    Hi. I was just wondering if I can get this Green Card for 2018? I was born in Lithuania, but I live in Canada right now. Can I still get the card? Because if Yes, that would be just amazing. Respectfully Arunas
  12. I

    Divorce of a DV visa

    Hi all, I have a question regarding DV visa. My wife won the lottery in 2013, we got married and went to the embassy and obtained the Green Card. Our marriage is a fiasco and wanted to know if the divorce would impact my visa? My wife is a DV-1 and I'm a DV-2 TIMELINE: November 2012 - Lottery...
  13. W

    Wwics Help me about Family Based Green Card for Australia.

    Hello MY name is Ron Gotcher I need Help Regarding Family Based Green Card for Australia. Please Help me about How i can apply for green card for Australia. i am software engineer parth in Australia. Wwics Help Me about This.
  14. D

    Can a minor that moved to the US a month and a half ago study overseas for 3 months?

    I got my green card 2 days ago and moved to the US a month and a half ago. Ive already started some school here but I really want to finish my first semester overseas. It would only be for 3 months but if i did it would they take away my green card?
  15. C

    Approved 2 years ago and still have not received green card?.

    Hey, So I was approved for a green card in October of 2014. It is not August 2016 and I have not even recieved a welcome letter yet. I've been calling them since last year and every time they tell me that the computer says my case is still pending, that it is not even approved yet. My parents...
  16. R

    Grandmother permanent resident status valid???

    Hi, My grandmother came to the U.S. and resided here for almost 3 months but then went back abroad to see her family almost 5months ago. She is planning to come back to the U.S. soon. How long do you think she has to come back so long as it doesn't create a problem for her? I have been told 6...
  17. R


    Good Day, I got marriage while I was on my OPT status after graduating from school. Currently my OPT has expired, so was my I-20. I am on my grace period now. My wife and I are filling out our forms and we are confused about my Immigration status for I-765, USCIS status and USCIS status's...
  18. andlecic

    Will I lose my Permanent Residency?

    Hello, I'm 20 now and I just got my GC (status F12) with my mother this year in January. I've studied in CA for 6 month and wanna stay here in the future, however, my mother wants to surrender her GC, so I'm wondering that would my GC be affected if she gives up her green card? Thank you :)
  19. O

    Affidavit of support for working spouse - Marriage Greencard

    Hello, My wife is a US Citizen and she is filing for a green card for me. We have been married since March 2016. We know one of the documents we need to file is the affidavit of support. The issue is my wife is a student but I work. I make enough to satisfy the requirement for the two person...
  20. M

    Sponsoring for Green Card for mom in India

    My mom is wheelchair bound, will I be able to request for waiver for attending green card interview in India? What is the duration of processing from application to granting the GC? Thanks in advance!