green card

  1. M

    Parents sponsor for GC and I130/I485 Question

    Hi. I have little complex situation, and could not resolved. I am planning to sponsor parents for GC, but they live in San Francisco with my brother. The issue is only processing time, and travel while pending cases. few questions are as : 1. Can I petition parents from Nashville, bundle...
  2. 0BoT1

    Situation at the POE

    Hi, We have a weird situation that happened when we entered in USA - Los Angeles airport (LAX), and the officer didn't wanted to take our documents... (the sealed envelopes). I insisted, but he didn't want to take them.... He said that it's not necessary and that we should keep them. We then...
  3. redbluegreen

    What to ask an employer that is offering TN?

    Hi Guys, I'm from Mexico, and a US employer (large company) is offering me work under TN status. I know they are willing to move to H1B or push for GC in the future based on feedback from other employees with the company. My question is, during the negotiation period, what should I ask, and...
  4. M

    Waiting on I-751 and extension expired

    Hello all. I have filed for I-751 in July of 2019. Received the 18 month extension that has expired February of 2021. I have had my interview December 7th of 2020. My drivers license has expired August 18th 2021. I have not received my 10 year green card yet. I can't call and talk to a live...
  5. R

    TN > GC - Daily Border Crosser

    Hi Folks I have a big dilemma and seeking some guidance I have a TN with my current employer valid till 2023. My employer has filed my PERM(EB3-ROW) and once approved will file my I-140. I will be asking my employer to file I-140 with premium processing. Since I am on TN and reading the...
  6. D


    Hi, I am on H1B currently and I would love to hear about experiences and advice on the best course of action for Laid-off with i1485 pending less than 180 days and i140 approved. What are my options? How safe or unsafe am I?
  7. M

    How to begin applying for green card 1 year after asylum approval?

    I understand that an I-485 is needed. Just wondering if the entire process of submitting I-485 for an asylum-based green card is any different from employment-based. If, for example, my asylum was approved on 8/1/2020, then when is the earliest date I can mail out my I-485? Any tutorial on that...
  8. R

    Lacking Support documents from beneficiary

    Hi, my husband works as Lyft driver for two years and he doesn't have any pay stubs. What other support documents we could show or ask the company to give us? He also have a bad credit score, is it possible to put his name in my account instead or do we really need to get a new account and put...
  9. petewonders

    What category of eligibility do I apply for N400?

    I received my Green card back in Feb 2017 when by mom married my stepdad and I was entered into the paperwork before I turned 18. Now I want to apply for naturalization, but on the USCIS site there are few choices and I'm not sure which one I fall under. I know it has to be either: 1) 18...
  10. M

    Waiting for Greencard after 2 years of final interview

    We had our interview on April 1st 2019 where the immigration officer told us our cases are approved and we will get the greencard within 2-3 weeks maximum but we are still waiting for it. We had 3 greencards in progress - 1case for EB5 and 2 cases of EB3 for me and my husband each. We are...
  11. Potts More

    Question: N400 under 3y LPR rule with Abuse Waiver?

    Hi fellas, I've been reading some articles related to my immigration situation, I learned that when I-751 is approved under the abusive/battery rule, the applicant is eligible to apply for N-400 under the 3-year rule. Anyone whose spouse was U.S. Citizen and gets approved under ROC abuse waiver...
  12. J

    What is my next step or what could I do ?

    So in 2013 I received an notice EOIR 42B cancelled removal and adjustment of status for certain non permanent residence. It says the notice acknowledges the above reciept and fee as part of the requirement before the Judge can grant relief in your case. It then says the application has been...
  13. J

    Re-entry Permit Questions

    Hello friends, I and my family received our green cards in September 2020. As both my parents and in-laws are aged, we are planning to apply for re-entry permit and going back to our home country to stay with our parents for sometime. However, I have couple of questions related to re-entry...
  14. S

    Renewing Green card Issued to minor, issued before 14th Birthday and expiring after 16th Birthday, but the child is outside US on a 2 year I-131.

    Hello Friends I am a recent Immigrant to US (immigrated in July 2020) and got my GC in Sept 2020 and had to return to my Native country with a 2 year I-131 re-entry permit as I could not get any employment opportunity because of the pandemic situation, My elder child is turning 14 this year i.e...
  15. K

    Filing N-400 from abroad

    Hey everyone, My situation is a little complicated so I'll try to be as clear as possible. My husband (US citizen) and I have been married since February 2017, and lived together in the US for over 3 consecutive years. In those 3 years we were only abroad for a total of 50 days (1 to 2 weeks...
  16. L

    Green Card for Parents born before 1950, and don't have birth certificate

    Dear Rajiv, I am a US citizen and applying green card for my parents in India. Both are born before 1950, do not have a birth certificate/marriage certificate and also do not have close relatives/siblings to provide an affidavit. How do I proceed in this case?
  17. W

    Getting a green card after visa u

    Hello I’ve had my visa u for 3 years now so our lawyer said we can apply for our green card now. He asked me if I was married an I am not but I didn’t recently find out I’m pregnant does that affect my status ? I am gettin this with my parents
  18. R

    GC - stay outside US for more than 1 year (COVID)

    My mom (81) went to visit my sis in India in Oct, 2019. She was supposed to come back in Mar 2020 and we had booked air tickets etc, but due to Covid, flight cancellations and risk factors due to her age, she is still in India. Is there any chance/way USCIS will not make her GC invalid after 1...
  19. S

    Infopass Help Needed - 18mo Ext Expiring

    Hi All, I currently have a Green Card and have previously filed for a removal of my conditional status, but still waiting for an appointment date. My I797 18 month extension is expiring on July 18th. I recently moved to new city and have fortunately found a new job that I know I will love. My...
  20. A

    H1B Laid Off - Find a new job - 60 days grace period - Not sure it fits this timeline + Green Card marriage in process

    Hi Everyone, I hope you all doing great and healthy! I am currently in a complicated situation. I was on a H1B and I was laid off on April, 10th and received a 2 weeks severance pay but paid in total 2 weeks after. I believe my 60 days activates the day of my last paid severance, but let's say...