Is there any reason why USCIS doesn't send a temporary Green Card while in a process of renewal?


I filed for renewal of my Green Card in May 2018 and I've been waiting ever since. USCIS sent me a letter that states that my residency has been extended for 12 months. I also started a new job and the whole problem with "expired" Green Card is pain in the neck... The HR keeps calling me asking for updates on my residency status and it makes me very uncomfortable. I was trying to get any update from USCIS but they just say it's being processed... Recently they sent me another letter with 18-month extension this time, but I'm unsure why since the 12-month extension is still valid... Anyway, I was just wondering what is the reason that USCIS doesn't send the actual temporary physical Green Card instead of the letters?


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For I-9 for the job, it's not necessary to present a green card at all -- you can instead use your Social Security Card (a list C document) and your driver's license (a list B document).


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You have to Educate the HR department because they clearly arent familiar with this particular instance. Your GC was extended for another 12 months. What more do they want?