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    I've made the mistake of winning the DV lottery while on an E3; is there any chance I can keep from being deported for showing intent?

    I was so excited to win the 2020 DV lottery that I filed the DS-260 immediately (as advised to on the site; I honestly though I'd miss out on getting one of the 50k GC's if I wasn't one of the first 50k people to submit the DS-260). Now that I've shown immigration intent, my upcoming E3 renewal...
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    Is there any reason why USCIS doesn't send a temporary Green Card while in a process of renewal?

    Hello, I filed for renewal of my Green Card in May 2018 and I've been waiting ever since. USCIS sent me a letter that states that my residency has been extended for 12 months. I also started a new job and the whole problem with "expired" Green Card is pain in the neck... The HR keeps calling me...
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    Change of address while EAD renewal is pending

    Will changing my address in the USCIS system impact (extend further) the duration of my EAD application processing? Who has any experience on this? The USCIS contact center agent told me to proceed with requesting for change in address only when I have actually moved. The automated advisory...
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    Reentry permit Renewal I-131

    This seems like an obvious question but I couldn't find a satisfactory answer. My son studies overseas. He has a reentry permit that expires in January and school starts again in September. I know he needs a new I-131 and has to be in the US to apply. Why? The first step is to mail in the...
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    EAD based on pending asylum - gap between two EADs

    Is there an official link/document/rule i can show to the employer in the interim until my new EAD arrives? I have applied for EAD renewal and might arrive after my current one expires.
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    EAD renewal under c-8 category

    My current EAD is up for renewal in few days. My question is: is it still free to do the renew if your EAD is through asylum? or do I have to send a check for $380 along with the I-765 form because is it a renewal and not a first time EAD Thanks
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    Should I get a new visa while waiting for the Waiver Recommendation?

    I am wondering if I should travel while waiting for the NOS. My current visa expires may 2016 and but my ds2019 is valid until Dec 2016. I am a Dominican Grad student on a J1. I would like to go home this April to renew my visa in order to be able to travel in September to Europe. Since I have...
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    Form i-90 GC renewal question

    I'm filling out the i-90 form and I have a couple of questions. In Part 3 this question pops up Location where you applied for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status: I lived in Orlando at the time, but my attorney filed for me. He doesn't practice anymore so there's no real way to find...