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    Received asylum GC from TSC

    Just received my green card based on asylum approved more than 1yr ago. See below for my timeline. Feel free to ask me anything. Always happy to help out members of this forum.
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    Can F1 student drop school

    Hi people I'm from Houston and I'm a F1 student. I applied for my green card thru my wife. I'm done with my fingerprints and I'm waiting on my interview date now, but my college isn't giving me transfer to any other college. And right now I'm unable to continue my college all I want to know is...
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    J1 on official passport, F1 on regular passport

    I have a question related to J1 visa with 2 year home residency requirement (HRR) on official passports, which are the passports issued to people working for the government in my home country for the purpose of business-related travelling. My friend used her regular passport to come to the U.S...
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    Visa for Groom

    Hi Everybody, My family got green card visa before 1 year back. After 4 months staying in USA we got re-entry permit and came back to India. Now I want to set up marriage of my daughter (has GC). I want some guidance about following doubts. 1. How can my daughter apply visa for his husband...
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    Dismissed Domestic Violence temporary restraining order

    I was served with a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining order (ex-parte) through Family Law. So it was a civil order, and there were no arrests, and Law Enforcement was not involved. However, the case got dismissed before trial. As a result, we applied for "Request for dismissal", and court...
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    Can I apply for EB5

    My wife and I are both physicians with a combined annual income of $400k. We just started our jobs and do not have any savings as yet. Can we use this income as a medium to apply for EB5 green card? I am very new to this whole process and would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!!
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    GC for parents - name differences

    Hi, I am a US citizen applying for GC for my parents. In my Birth Certificate, my mom's first name is split with a space, followed by her last name. They are otherwise correctly spelled except for the space issue. This is true of her PAN card from India as well (random space in her long first...
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    Rare situation - is the Green Card that USCIS sent us valid ?

    I am a US citizen. My wife is from the UK. We got married in the US on a K1 fiancée visa in October 2015 and applied for I-485 adjustment f status and travel card I-131 at same time. My wife left the US to see family in the UK after fingerprints but before the I-131 was approved. USCIS found...
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    new H1b while GC is in progress

    I am currently on H4 visa and my souse's green card process is going in parallel (I140 about to be filed). While green card process is ongoing, can I file for a H1b visa starting April 1, 2016?
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    Form i-90 GC renewal question

    I'm filling out the i-90 form and I have a couple of questions. In Part 3 this question pops up Location where you applied for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status: I lived in Orlando at the time, but my attorney filed for me. He doesn't practice anymore so there's no real way to find...
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    GC through marriage... living apart, though.

    I'm DACA approved/B2 expired and I've been dating a USC for a year and four months... he proposed a month and a half ago, and we want to have a state wedding soon (planned for the same date as my parents' anniversary, too!). We are absolutely in love, anyone who knows us can testify to this, we...