Replace Belarusian passport


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My partner recently had her passport destroyed (by our dogs) and also her green card. We were planning on traveling at Christmas to the UK / Belarus but we have been told it can take over 3 months to replace a passport. Does anyone know if there is a way to expedite the process? And how hard is it to replace a Green card. We have the original passport and green card (all be it a bit chewed up).


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The process to replace a passport depends on the country of the passport. Usually, they can provide some kind of short-term travel document if you need to travel sooner than a regular passport can be obtained. As for replacing the green card, it's not hard, just expensive. She would file I-90 to apply for replacement. It takes many months but she can get go in for an InfoPass appointment to get an I-551 stamp valid for 1 year (it's equivalent to a green card, which is also an I-551), either on her passport or travel document, or on a separate piece of paper, as soon as she has submitted the I-90. She may have to attend a biometrics appointment in the US for the green card at some point during the application process.