F-1 OPT to Greencard (marriage)


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I am currently on my OPT that runs out Aug 2018. I am getting married within the next week to a USC. I know i can file for a temp EAD until my green card arrives but the timeline for both of these has been pushed back. Meaning alot of people are actually getting their GC before the EAD because the processing times are getting longer and longer.

I have had several different opinions and comments on this; am i legally allowed to continue working once my OPT has expired. I will have applied for AOS and EAD along with all the other appropriate forms. I have been told to continue working as I am at no fault as a employee nor will my spouse be punished. Although I am technically out of status as I have applied for AOS and my OPT has expired I have been told that it will not affect my GC application, my interview, or the chances of us getting the GC. Yet I have also been told that I should not continue working after August as it will entirely be my fault and I will serve consequences.

Has anyone been in this position before or can anyone offer me advice?


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No, you are not legally allowed to work after your OPT ends and before you get your next EAD or green card. No compliant employer will allow you to work as an employee during that period of time as you do not have documents that can pass I-9 requirements.

On the other hand, illegally working does not adversely affect Adjustment of Status in your category.


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But, illegally working is, well, illegal. And not to be condoned.

Should stop working after August 2018 until in possession of a valid EAD that can pass I-9 muster, or once permanent residency is approved.