green card

  1. O

    Not able to type name and A-number in 'Additional Information' section

    I am currently filing my I-130 and I-130A petition. While filing I-130A I need to add additional information in part 7. According to USCIS instruction, you are supposed to provide your name and A number in Part#7 'Additional Information' section. However, the editor does not allow me to type...
  2. E

    Eb3 VISA help

    Hi I’m from Ireland My cousin was able to find a employer for me who will sponsor me on eb3 visa. If we start the process now what would the time frame be? on the March bulletin it says it’s current For both skilled and non skilled I know non skilled is max 10k each year But as it’s current what...
  3. E

    I-551 in an expired foreign passport

    My mom arrived to the US on January 11, 2019 with the immigrant visa I-155. She couldn't stay for longer than a month to receive the actual Green Card, and went back. Meanwhile, her foreign passport expired (whereas the visa itself is valid till December this year). She got a new foreign...
  4. T

    Help on conversion.

    Hi all new here and posting trying to figure out how to change a B2 visa to a green card or citizenship. Currently my girlfriend has been granted a B2 visa from Brazil. She would like to eventually move to America and work here. At this point in time we do not wish to go the marriage route...
  5. raaguas

    3rd Trimester Pregnant, Waiting for Interview

    Seeking advice on what to do. Hoping someone can help... I am petitioned together with my father (principal applicant), mother and younger sister under F3. We just received an email this month that we just need to wait for the interview schedule. I am single, currently on my 34th week of...
  6. H

    EB1 A - Sigma XI Full Membership for Invited Membership Criteria

    Hi, I am using IEEE Senior Membership for invited membership criteria. Along with that my lawyer told me to get SIGMA XI - Full Membership for the same. Any suggestion or comments regarding using SIGMA XI full membership for this criteria ? I have read and seen some concerns about using...
  7. T

    Green card holder travelling with US citizen minor

    Hi, I have been a green card holder for 5 years (with German passport, not applying for US citizenship yet) and need to travel to Germany for a few days with my 4-year old daughter who only has a US passport. Could there be any problems getting back into the US under these circumstances?
  8. S

    Apply for I-90, N-400, or both?

    USCIS made an error for "Country of Birth" on my Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), it says "USA" but I was born in a foreign country. Caught the error late and never had it corrected/replaced. My PRC expires on June 20, 2019. Here is my dilemma: There will be important things I need to do...
  9. H

    Your experience and timeline with I -485 asylum based green card application

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could share their timeline on i485 processing from date of receipt to card production. ( asylum based only). I applied on oct 20th... waiting on my fingerprint notice now. Basically, I am trying to see how long does the whole process takes. Thank you very...
  10. S

    Filing GC second time from another organization

    Hi, I filed my Green Card (EB3) when I was in US in the year 2009 and was working for organization A. Post which I shifted to India in the year 2010. At that point in time I heard that my I-140 was approved and the remaining processing would shift to consular based processing. Later I switched...
  11. J

    Submitted my N-400 2 weeks ago - arrested for DV this past weekend - biometrics appointment next weekend - HELP

    Hi Guys! I've submitted my N-400 two weeks ago since I'm already within 90 days of my 3 year marriage, but sadly this weekend we had an argument at home and cops were called and I ended up arrested for DV (misdemeanor 1); my wife paid my bond so I got out. She's not pressing any charges or...
  12. A

    Is there any reason why USCIS doesn't send a temporary Green Card while in a process of renewal?

    Hello, I filed for renewal of my Green Card in May 2018 and I've been waiting ever since. USCIS sent me a letter that states that my residency has been extended for 12 months. I also started a new job and the whole problem with "expired" Green Card is pain in the neck... The HR keeps calling me...
  13. Bishop05

    Overstayed, Married + Child

    Hi Everyone, Thank you and advance for your response. To make long story short. I arrived in the USA in 2002 (age 17) on a B2 I applied for Asylum and after 5 years back forth to court my case was denied (in 2007). (decision: Even know I showed evidence of endangerment if returned, my...
  14. M

    Weird Situation

    Hi everyone I have a weird situation. My son was born in Bolivia he has permanent Residency with US. He is not my biological son but my name is on his birth certificate. His mom is a second generation us citizenship she was born in Bolivia. They would not give him naturalization at birth...
  15. T

    Filing GC for parent from India when they're in US on tourist visa

    Hello, I'm planning to file GC (I-130) for my father from India i.e. filing center will be New Delhi. He is currently visiting me in USA right now on tourist visa. He won't be adjusting status so no I-485 is in question. He plans to return to India in about a month. He is within the 6 months...
  16. S

    Re-Entry permit and 10 Year Green Card Expiry

    I am about to return to the USA to apply for my 2nd Re-Entry Permit (hoping it is approved for 2 years). However, my Green Card (10 year) expires in Dec 2019, for which I will have to return to the States to reapply for a new one. My questions are, if I have a valid Re-Entry permit in Dec 2019-...
  17. R

    F-1 OPT to Greencard (marriage)

    I am currently on my OPT that runs out Aug 2018. I am getting married within the next week to a USC. I know i can file for a temp EAD until my green card arrives but the timeline for both of these has been pushed back. Meaning alot of people are actually getting their GC before the EAD because...
  18. O

    i am wondering if i am eligible for adjustment of status or any kind of work authorization or gcard

    Hello guys, I am son of parents green card holders living in the U.S. unlawfully and i am wondering if i am eligible for adjustment of status or any kind of work authorization or green card. Thanks in advance
  19. A

    Asylum I-485 Interview

    For those who were asked for I-485 green card interview at a local USCIS office one year after receiving asylum, please share your experiences, thank you!!
  20. P

    E-3 to Green Card Lottery Winner Q.

    Hi all, I am currently on an E3 visa (non-immigrant non dual intent). I was selected for the GC lottery today in the low numbers (based off previous years calculations I should become current in Nov or Dec at the latest). I'm trying to decide between going down the Adjustment of Status (AoS) or...