What category of eligibility do I apply for N400?


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I received my Green card back in Feb 2017 when by mom married my stepdad and I was entered into the paperwork before I turned 18. Now I want to apply for naturalization, but on the USCIS site there are few choices and I'm not sure which one I fall under.

I know it has to be either:
1) 18 years old+ and has been green card holder for 5 or more years

2) 18 years old+ has been green card holder for 3+ years AND is married to a citizen.

The reason for my uncertainty is that a lawyer that helped us in the past said that I could apply now that its past 3 years, but I'm not the one that married. So do I fall under the first one or the second category? Or do I submit under "others" with a brief explanation about my situation?

Thank you for your help!


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Did your mother naturalize on the three year rule before you turned 18? If she did then you may have automatically acquired citizenship at that stage. If not, I can’t see why the lawyer told you you can apply at 3 years. You have turned 18 and have not been married to a USC for 3 years (and I am assuming you are not in the military fast track process) so your only option is to wait until you have had your green card for 5 years and then apply.