1. L

    Am I American?

    Hello, I would like to know my status towards the United States of America as a 23 year old young man, born in France to a French mother and a father with dual citizenship, French and American, but who has never lived on American territory, otherwise he has an American mother, my grandmother who...
  2. K

    absence for more than 6 months and less than 1 year

    Hi asking this question on behalf of my parent: They landed in March 2017 My dad got seriously ill and was hospitalized for 2 months. went back to home country in July 2017 ( to complete the medical course) Came back to States in April 2018. Can he apply for Citizenship now? or will have to...
  3. E

    Green Card replacement for child after 14 years old

    Hello, My stepdaughter is 17 years old, has a green card which expires at the middle of 2023. We did not replace her green card after she reached 14 years. Will it be a problem ? Her mother just became US Citizen. Now I see several possible options to get US Citizenship document for her: 1...
  4. R

    Advance parole for international travel with Citizenship application pending?

    Dear forum members: I am a Green card holder for many years now and I've applied for citizenship/N400 application recently a few months ago- pending processing. I am now required to make an international business travel for a few days. My question: Do I need to get an advance parole for travel...
  5. petewonders

    What category of eligibility do I apply for N400?

    I received my Green card back in Feb 2017 when by mom married my stepdad and I was entered into the paperwork before I turned 18. Now I want to apply for naturalization, but on the USCIS site there are few choices and I'm not sure which one I fall under. I know it has to be either: 1) 18...
  6. D

    N400 citizenship interview as a derivative asylee

    Hi Good People, After a year of waiting I finally got my citizenship interview date. I am a derivative asylee . I would like to know if anyone has any experience with the citizenship interview as a derivative asylee? Thank you
  7. C

    could use some help regarding US Citerzenship through a parent/Grandparent.

    Hi, I was born in Australia in 1996 to a US-born mother and my father was born in Australia, I know at the time of my birth my mum enquired with the USA embassy in Australia about becoming a dual citizen with Australia and getting us our duals for American but at the time we couldn't get it...
  8. T

    Help on conversion.

    Hi all new here and posting trying to figure out how to change a B2 visa to a green card or citizenship. Currently my girlfriend has been granted a B2 visa from Brazil. She would like to eventually move to America and work here. At this point in time we do not wish to go the marriage route...
  9. rajesh28

    Employment gap for citizenship

    Hi, I am trying to apply for citizenship and I have some gap in my employment(unemployed for 5 months). Will it be a problem if we have any gap in our employment?
  10. S

    Citizenship Eligibility

    Hello I have a relative who has a green card for over 7.25 years. She appeared for citizenship interview but was rejected for the following reason - You have been outside the country for more than a year at a stretch. Fact is she was outside USA after taking an approved Reentry Permit, with...
  11. N

    Apply for citizenship with Wrong green card issue date!

    I’m planning to apply for citizenship in 2019. But i got confused about the right time to file the application. My asylee application approved and granted on may 7th 2014. But my phisical green card shows october 20th 2014 as date of issue. Did I miss that time duration about 5 months & 13 days...
  12. G

    Green Card approval reviewed at Naturalization interview? additional scrutiny?

    I read that there seems to be additional scrutiny during the naturalization interview recently and it could include reviewing the green card approval for employment based applicants. I have heard rumors that someone was asked for pay stubs going back past 10 years! Those who interviewed...
  13. J

    Ciizenship Interview without electronic File Transfer

    I applied for citizenship in Boston and then moved to Dallas. The file got transferred and my interview was scheduled and I went for the interview on 7/25. The IMO said that the physical file got transferred and she had the n400 that I filed when I was in boston and she did the interview. I...
  14. D


    Hello , I need some advice if possible. I was just approved for the n-600 application. I entered the United States on an F-1 Visa (I stated that also on the application). The notice from USCIS to receive my certificate states to bring my permenent resident card however I do not have one...
  15. B

    Naturalization Through Grandparents *N600k Process

    Hi there. On September, 2017 I acquired US Citizenship through my father, who is deceased. I have always lived in Venezuela. I want to move to the US with my daughter. I know that she can acquire US citizenship through the N600k form. But my case has the following issues: - In the...