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Hi. I have little complex situation, and could not resolved. I am planning to sponsor parents for GC, but they live in San Francisco with my brother. The issue is only processing time, and travel while pending cases. few questions are as :

1. Can I petition parents from Nashville, bundle everything I130,I485 concurrent irrespective of where parent live ? or they need to stay 90 days as visitor in same location where I485 petition would be filed?

2. What is processing time with I130/I485 concurrent or separate filing, is it I130 or I485 or bigger one ? because each location and forms has different processing time for Nashville and SF. I can file I130 from Nashville, and my bro can file I485 from SF. In both cases, how does processing time determined ?

3. Can my parents travel outside USA while I130/I485 pending, and return just with advanced parole, and not valid VISA?

Any expert advice would be great.
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1. Do you mean the address you mail the mail from? Or what the person puts as their address on the form? Obviously, you can mail the mail from anywhere, and it doesn't need to be the same as the address on the form. If you are talking about the address on the form, your address on the I-130 doesn't have to be same as your parent's address on their I-485, and the I-130 and I-485 can still be concurrently filed.
2. They will be processed together anyway. I don't see an advantage to filing them separately.
3. Yes, if they have been granted Advance Parole before leaving the US. Allowing them to enter without a visa is the point of Advance Parole.


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1. I was referring address in i485 form, and trying to reduce the overall timeline as well as meeting USCIS requirement if any. Do they need to stay 90 days on field office address before filling I485?
2. cool. But if concurrent, what time is overall processing time ? is it i130 and i485 added both or i485 or i130 only. I was referring processing time under USCIS website, where you can select service center , field office etc. Alternatively, i485 need to wait until i130 approved even for concurrent filing ?
3. Cool,

Thanks a lot, I have pointers added, if you cast lights would be great.