L1A expiring in 3 years. Whats next?


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I am on an L1A visa and already took one extension and the 7 year maximum period ends in 3 more years. My I-140 under EB1 was filed with a priority date Jul 2018. With the recent retrogression in EB1 for Indians, I am wondering what happens if the priority date does not reach in the time. My wife is also employed with L2 EAD. Here are my questions:

1. Should I be trying H1B as a safety net ? If I do, will I get moved from EB1 to EB2 ? If that happens, green card wait is almost forever.
2. Should my wife try for H1B ? that way, I can continue with my L1A visa and maintain my EB1
3. Is there any maximum number of tries for H1B?
3. If neither me nor my wife manage to get a H1B visa in next 3 years, is it ok to exit the country and come back when EB1 priority date becomes current ? If so, how can I do that ? What visa will I come back with?