1. dibbi

    L1A expiring in 3 years. Whats next?

    Hi, I am on an L1A visa and already took one extension and the 7 year maximum period ends in 3 more years. My I-140 under EB1 was filed with a priority date Jul 2018. With the recent retrogression in EB1 for Indians, I am wondering what happens if the priority date does not reach in the time...
  2. P

    I140 Approval copy

    My employer is not sharing the I140 Approval original and Scan copy. But I want at least scan copy to apply H4 EAD 1) If they don't share the scan copy, how to proceed with H4 EAD then? 2) Is this not US Immigration law that, Employer should share the approval documents with Employees? 3) Pls...
  3. H

    Applying for H4 EAD for wife after changing employer

    I am currently working with employer A on H1B visa with I140 approved for over 180 days. My wife is on F1 EAD. I am planning to move her visa status from F1 to H4 for H4 EAD AFTER I join Employer B next month based on my approved I140 from my employer A. My question is: 1. once I join employer...
  4. M

    Updating new documents to USCIS while waiting for I140 and I485

    Hi, Hope you all are doing well! My husband has applied I140 and I485 concurrently for me about a month ago. I am on f1 status and I did not receive my EAD card yet. My question is regarding my I20. The I20 that I have submitted to USCIS shows the expiration date of AUG/31/2018 while I have...
  5. M

    I 140 Approved and left employer with in 180 days

    Hi Rajiv Sir, I have I140 approved in 2015 and left the employer with in 180 days and joined second company. After reorg i lost my job from employer B but my last employer is ready to file for H1-B extension but found out that my i140 already revoked by employer A and my 6 years already done...
  6. M

    Concurrent filing I140 and I485 applications

    Hi, I have a question regarding concurrent filing my I140 and I485 applications. I had requested my attorney to file both I140 and I485 concurrently. The following sentence is part of the email she sent to me: “In our latest experience, those who filed I-140 and I-485 separately were called...
  7. B

    Complex E2-H1B mix - SO MANY FORMS!

    Hello, I have a question about my employee for whom I am filing for a GC/EB2. He's on a H1B, expiring in Aug '18. He still has three years of his H1B, therefore I have requested a Prevailing Wage so as to extend his H1B while his EB2 is being processed. The PERM should arrive at the beginning...
  8. V

    Transferring pending H1B approval

    I am currently working as a Data Analyst and my status is H1B (since 2005). Recently, we filed for H1 extension. Unfortunately, my company is going through financial issues. So, I am planning to change jobs. Hence, I have 2 important questions with regards to change in job: 1. H1 transfer-...
  9. A

    Self petitioned NIW withdrawn and RFE on company sponsored I140

    I have an approved I140 and used it to to change employers. My new employer did not file GC initially and said that they have stopped all GC processing. Since the new company initially stopped all GC filing, I filed for a NIW self-petition. The title I used was 'Vice President – Technology...
  10. S

    H1B visa transfer after I140

    I have I140 approved since October 2016. If i would change my employer under the same skills in Nov,2017 , do they still need to process my i140 again. The attorney with new employer says you dont have to start the Green Card processing again or file a i140. He says we will just keep renewing...
  11. K

    TN renewal after I140 is approved

    Has anyone renewed their TN after the I140 was approved? Were there any issues? Please share your experience.
  12. Y

    Retaining old priority date is available, after i140 denied and refile i140?

    Hellow? I am nurse who is planning to migrate to USA for 'skilled labor',EB3. My employer and layer filed my i140 petition but, on august it asked me rfe and yesterday they denied. Our priority date was 2016.Feburary, and we are planning to refile i 140 but i wonder is it available we can...