1. I Prasad

    L1-A and got laid off. Looking for change of status temporarily to stay in US

    Hello Mr. Rajiv, Following is my timeline. July 2014: First Entered this country on Initial blanket L1-A valid till 25th March 2017 May 2017: L1-A individual petition approved until 25th March 2019 June 2017: EB3 PERM/LABOR filed Feb 2018: EB1-C I140 filed June 2018: EB1-C I140 approved June...
  2. dibbi

    L1A expiring in 3 years. Whats next?

    Hi, I am on an L1A visa and already took one extension and the 7 year maximum period ends in 3 more years. My I-140 under EB1 was filed with a priority date Jul 2018. With the recent retrogression in EB1 for Indians, I am wondering what happens if the priority date does not reach in the time...
  3. H

    EB1 A - Sigma XI Full Membership for Invited Membership Criteria

    Hi, I am using IEEE Senior Membership for invited membership criteria. Along with that my lawyer told me to get SIGMA XI - Full Membership for the same. Any suggestion or comments regarding using SIGMA XI full membership for this criteria ? I have read and seen some concerns about using...
  4. B

    Retrogression EB1 ROW continues

    October 2018 visa bulletin shows continued retrogression in the EB1 category for all countries. There was forward movement however not enough to get current in ROW group. And the wait continues :-)