1. dibbi

    L1A expiring in 3 years. Whats next?

    Hi, I am on an L1A visa and already took one extension and the 7 year maximum period ends in 3 more years. My I-140 under EB1 was filed with a priority date Jul 2018. With the recent retrogression in EB1 for Indians, I am wondering what happens if the priority date does not reach in the time...
  2. P

    H1B to L1A COS

    Hi, I have a valid H1B Visa till August 2020, My port of entry to USA was October2018 and I have been working here for the past 5 months and I was intended to travel back to India end of 2019. Due to unforeseen circumstances, My employer is willing to convert my H1B to L1A, since I have been...
  3. I

    Moving from a L1A trough work, to EAD following a marriage GC application

    Hey guys and gals, I have something which I am not sure I fully understand and need some clarification, please. So I am working in the US on L1A status currently. Earlier this year I got married to a US citizen and about two months ago, I filled for a green card. I should be receiving my work...
  4. S

    L2 visa for Spouse

    Dear All, I am appearing for L1 Individual & I would like to take my Spouse(Wife) on L2. I would like to know on below questions.... 1) my spouse employment records should have name as in her passport? or as PAN card? 2) We haven't declared about her employment in DS-160 when we applied...
  5. Z

    Filing L1A Petition while Immigration Petition is pending.

    Hello All, I wanted to ask how advisable it is to file L1A Blanket Petition (Intra Company Transfer), if your Immigration Petition is pending, I dont know if the Petition will be approved, and considering I am out of United States. Looking forward for your Reviews.