Renewing Green card Issued to minor, issued before 14th Birthday and expiring after 16th Birthday, but the child is outside US on a 2 year I-131.


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Hello Friends
I am a recent Immigrant to US (immigrated in July 2020) and got my GC in Sept 2020 and had to return to my Native country with a 2 year I-131 re-entry permit as I could not get any employment opportunity because of the pandemic situation, My elder child is turning 14 this year i.e. 2021 and he has received his green card in 2020 and is expiring in 2030, since my child will not be in the US until 2023, HOW do I renew his GC and get Bio metric taken.
Is it mandatory to renew GC when a child turns 14 though his GC is valid beyond his 16th Birthday ? OR can I renew it whenever I return back to US by when my child will have crossed his 16th Birthday.