Questions regarding applying for green card in EB5 category


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I am currently working here in US on OPT with EAD card and my brother is on H1 visa working here as well. My brother and I are both willing to invest $500k and get a loan of $1.5 million from the bank and buy a motel or a small business and then apply for GC in EB5 category. Now when we apply for GC, will we be both be applicable to get GC or only one of us will be applicable to get a GC? What is the process to get a GC in EB5 category?


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Siblings are not derivatives of each other for eb5. You can pool but would each have to invest the required amount.
You may not be aware that the minimum has increased from $500k to $900k from what you said? The assets of the eb5 venture also cannot be security for the loan.

I’d ensure you read this page and all the links you find in it, and get a lawyer experienced in this onboard (there have been en5 scams)