1. T

    Questions regarding applying for green card in EB5 category

    Hello, I am currently working here in US on OPT with EAD card and my brother is on H1 visa working here as well. My brother and I are both willing to invest $500k and get a loan of $1.5 million from the bank and buy a motel or a small business and then apply for GC in EB5 category. Now when we...
  2. E

    EB5 $500K Deadline is November 21, 2019

    The EB5 deadline is fast approaching and there only a few projects left that can take more investors before the deadline. If you are looking for an EB5 opportunity, please contact me here.
  3. A.Blanco

    New Yorkers who have gone through the visa process

    Hi all, I'm a grad student at Columbia Journalism, and I'm working on a project about the EB-5 visa. I'd love to speak with those in the New York area who went through the EB-5 visa process, as well as other immigration processes, about what the experience was like. Please let me know if you'd...
  4. A.Blanco

    EB5 investors in NYC

    Hi all, I’m a graduate student at Columbia Journalism. I’m working on a multimedia project about the EB-5 visa program and am looking to speak with investors who are going through or have gone through the EB-5 process in NYC about their experiences. Please feel free to reach out to me if you'd...
  5. N

    What happens if my E2-Visa and I-94 expire while my I-485 is still pending?

    I live with my family in the US on an E2-Visa (my own business) which is set to expire in about two years. We have moved from Canada to the US and we are all Canadian citizens. Three months ago I made an EB-5 investment (undelated to my own E2-based business) and filed for I-526. Assuming my...
  6. N

    Pls share your success stories personally

    Hi, can someone please share their personal success stories on making EB5 investment. I want to know the agency who applied and got your green card approved, how you did research on choosing an EB5 project, which regional center you chose. Please share the details personally to xxxxxxxxx
  7. W

    EB5 - Funding Resource Help ?

    Hi guys, Two questions: 1: I'm 27 years old, and my wife is 26 years old and we both want to apply for EB-5 , Does age matters? 2: i do have a online business and i earn very well. We do provide services and i earn about 400 - 500K USD a month, but the problem is there is no TAX information...
  8. D

    EB5 - Waterfront business opportunity with 54 rooms hotel, 2 restaurants & 2 bars, Events space

    I have an EB5 investment opportunity for up to 3 people to invest in Waterfront property with 54 rooms hotel, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, events space for a wedding, boat rentals and more. This is a new business opening in San Francisco area projected to start operations from March 2018. Its a...
  9. T

    what is difference between e51 e56 and i51 card category?

    what is difference between e51, e56 and i51 card category? Why is I51 conditional ( 2 year ) and e51 and e56 not conditional ( 10 year ) ?
  10. S

    EB5 Program - share experience in deciding RC, Attorney etc

    Hi- I'm planning to process my greencard thro EB5 program. I'm researching the same to obtain as much info as possible before proceeding this route. As the investment options etc are not fully guaranteed, want to discuss the same. Just wanted to share my experiences and discuss others...
  11. A

    Can I apply for EB5

    My wife and I are both physicians with a combined annual income of $400k. We just started our jobs and do not have any savings as yet. Can we use this income as a medium to apply for EB5 green card? I am very new to this whole process and would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!!