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    I-130 changes after acquiring citizenship

    U need to file a new I130. A citizen's spouse's application will be considered in higher priority than a GC holder's spouse.
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    You do not need to disclose your moving/traffic violations. Please stop agonizing about such minor matters.
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    N-400 and Stipulation of discontinuance / Divorce

    Go to the local office where you did FP, or where you are scheduled for the interview.
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    N400 legal name question - 2 middle names

    1 middle name as in the Green Card.
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    Traffic violations are not serious violations. Were you convicted for this 'misdemenour' or 'felony'? It is very easy to blow up a mole into a mountain.
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    Question about the N-400 Child support evidence????

    Until your divorce is finalized, you should cite yourself as Married. If divorce is finalized and you have a final decree before the interview date, please take a lawyer and update the marital status then.
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    Can I do fellowship on EAD?

    Yes you can EAD is like a temp Green Card. You can take a fellowship using EAD.
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    h4 expiring of my kid wife and mine still active please help

    Unfortunately, yours is a case of poor planning. No He cannot get H4 after he turns 21. His application of F1 will jeopardize his green card. He has to return to home country and await Green card which will take longer since he will turn 21 before your GC approval. Please spend some money and...
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    How long can a H1 visa holder stay out of USA on vacation

    Do you have a H1 stamp in the passport? Are you recieving "vacation" pay from your employer? If answer to either of these 2 questions are NO, then your H1 (since you converted from B) is suspect.
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    Going On A Cruise? Is It Advisable? What Do I Need?

    U need a visa for Bahamas, but the travel agent/cruise co will take care of it. If you do not have a H stamp, you are taking a risk (extreme circumstances only)
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    when my H1 expires ? urgent

    your new H1 should start from the day after the expiry date. Few days might not matter, but your dates are confusing. You arrived on 11/28/2006????? :confused:
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    TSC sends notice to an address where I never ever lived! Help please.

    Update your address... Once in a while, if you have changed address, it would not hurt to issue a change of address request to USCIS, There are lawyers who make mistakes too. It is a pity that happened for Poong, but how far he was vigilant about updating the address? After all, it is a...
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    Travel on AP

    You should always worry about not able to come back into US on AP. That is why it is called Advance Parole. Will it be too difficult for you to carry 2 copies? What are you going to do with the other copy? Have you heard of photocopying? You need to provide photocopies to the airlines...
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    travel on AP while H1B is pending

    You can use AP to enter anytime. But this is not a good time to travel nor is a good time to renew H1 and use AP to re-enter. You are taking a risk. The reason is the expiry dates of current H1s. What if H1 renewal is rejected when you are out of country? In that case the AP also becomes...
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    Experts Help!! travel on AP from different emploer and H1B status

    If you have a valid h1 visa(company B) in your passport I would advise using that instead of AP to enter US. If company A's lawyer says it is ok to enter using AP, I would still take it with a pinch of salt.