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  • I had my L1 B Blanket visa interview. Officer typed in lot of info on the computer and gave me a blue 221 G sheet with 214 and 101 clause and returned 2 copies of the I129 stamped 'Not clearly approvable'
    On the CEAC website my case shows as under necessary administrative processing.
    The consulate at my country reported my case is 221 G hold due to 214 clause.
    Is my application being considered or is it a denial?
    Hi Jaxon,

    I want H4 visa and I have been trying for it from Nov 10th 2010. They gave me orange slip at Kolkata asking for LCA and Bank statements inspite of already submitting 6 months bank statement.

    My Husband is a contractor.

    His visa got expired on April 2010 and he changed his employer in May and got his I797 only in Sept 2010 and he sent me documents and I applied for H4 on 10th Nov 2010.

    The Consular was not satisfied with my documents he felt that his H1B sponsors are not paying him correcly or so and so he asked for LCA and Bank statements showing his December account balance.

    I took them and submitted on 21st Dec 2010 and he still is not satisfied he says that he doesnt see his employer paying him on the bank statements??

    They talked to my husband and also asked an email from him about his paystubs.

    They have taken my passport and asked me not to contact them as they will contact me.

    What do i do if that gets rejected??
    Hi I saw your sticky note in how to apply for AP. Thanks it will definitely help me.
    Iam going to apply for expedited process in Texas service center, can you tell me how long it takes in a average for the expedited process from the date it is applied? Also for expedited process I read I cann't do a e-filing? And neither does the application for of AP show anything for expedited process?
    Hi, Good Morning
    I am from India. recently i have been terminated by my employer and currently out of job. My experience certificate mentions that my services are terminated. I am in search of a new job. I am also considering applying for a H1B. In have over all 10 years of relevant experience. Request you to kindly let me know the chances for me to get a H1.
    Thanks a lot in advance..

    My question is to Administrator,please help me on that.
    My wife is on H1 but not working now.We want to apply for her and my son's H4.

    Her employer told her that he is not able to give her project because of current market.

    1.In above case, can I file her H4 here or in India?
    1.1 If I file her H4 here and USCIS asked current payslip she don't have now.
    2.Our son is dependent on her right now.
    3.Can my wife and son's stay is legal in US?

    Please help me on this.
    Thanks in advance.
    My I-140 was approved in December 2007. I had filed my I-485 in August 2007 and it is still pending. I had applied and received my EAD card in June 2008.

    Can I change my job with a different job title and different job duties with another employer? Or do I need to wait until I get my green card. If that does not work, is it okay to change my current job to part-time with the same employer and get another full time job with different title and duties with another employer?

    I would appreciate the answers to these.
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