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    Using USPS Mail for OCI Application - SFO

    Thanks ssruindia. I caved in and used Fedex. Since i live 30 miles away from SFO and it it takes 1 day for any mail to reach regardless of the service i pick, i chose Fedex Ground and using my own envelopes. It cost me a total of ~20+ USD for shipping both ways. Signing up for Fedex service...
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    Using USPS Mail for OCI Application - SFO

    Hi, I'm filling out my OCI application and currently working on the Travisa Order form here When i select "Use My Prepaid Envelope" option for "Shipping from Travisa back to you", this is what i see... The return air...
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    I-751 (CSC) My Story

    Thank you folks. Do your email notifications work? I don't get emails when anyone replies to my threads or sends me a PM. Is this the same case with you? It used to work earlier.... Hi Patty, Usually the I-751 is submitted when the applicant is still in status. This implies submitting in the...
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    I-751 Timeline List

    Good job on the timeline... here is mine Name : ari4u I-751 Filed : 19 Nov 07 NOA 1 : 29 Nov 07 Biometrics : 19 Feb 08 Approved: : 28 Mar 08 Welcome Letter : 03 Apr 08 Card Received : 04 Apr 08
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    Check Status Via Immigratrion. HELP!!

    Look here If you create an account on this website and opt for email updates, you will get an email everytime there is an update to the status of your case. You can still use this website to check status without creating an account. Just punch...
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    I-751 question

    Better safe than sorry :) You will be okay...
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    I-751 question

    In my case, the number i was able to track online was the one that was printed on the Fingerprint appointment letter. The number that was printed on the initial NOA recipt did not work. You may be out of luck with online tracking till you get your FP appt letter.
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    Are biometrics necessary in form 751

    Yes, you need to do it again. After you file your I-751, you will get a letter asking you to get your Fingerprints and Biometrics captured. The letter will indicate the date, time and location.
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    I-751 (CSC) My Story

    Not much of a story here... really... But for once, i think USCIS did a pretty efficient job and i am amazed. 19 Nov 07 : Application Filed 29 Nov 07 : ND 19 Feb 08 : FP/Bio 28 Mar 08 : I-751 Approved !! 03 Apr 08 : Welcome Letter 04 Apr 08 : Card Received Good luck to everyone. If...
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    IRS Transcripts

    Tax returns do not prove that you 'actually' filed them with IRS. You could prepare the tax returns but decide not to file them. IRS transcripts are 'actual' proof that IRS received your return and accepted it. You have to keep in mind that the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the...
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    Applying for Advanced Parole - Question

    Your out of status will be forgiven only to make you eligible to file I-485 but NOT the I-131. If you leave the US and try to re-enter using your AP, you can bet that your entry will be denied and you will be banned from re-entering the US for 10 years. so dont even think of applying for an AP.
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    Interview questions

    You will have to arrange for a translator, USCIS will not provide one. Unless the kids too are immigrating and are asked to be present at the interview, it is not required for them to be present. All you need is proof that they are your kids to prove that this marriage is bonafide.
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    Applying I-130 within 1-2 weeks as visitor

    a visiting spouse? This clearly proves that the intention to immigrate existed when a non-immigrant visa was applied for. You need to consult an attorney.
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    Advance Parole

    Yes, but be aware that it will take longer than 4 weeks for the AP to be processed and approved