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    485 Approved today!

    Congrats !!! Hi DesiInDC, Let me take the honor of being the first one to Congratulate you ! Reading your mail I realized your happiness on this occasion...Well --- Go Ahead and ENjoy it ! Hopefully ---Ours is also around the corner ! Cheers :)
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    LUD On My I140 - What does it mean ?

    140 LUD Change My LUD for approved I-140 (approved in May 2004) got changed on 05/27/06. Don't know why ? My PD is also not current yet --- I am hoping it is for the good... I shall check with my lawyer for the same and if they have any insight to this, I shall share it here !
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    Finally Approved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats ! At last, we got a chance to congratulate somebody for approval; which seem to have become rare now ! Good Luck and Enjoy !!!
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    Predictions for Apr 2006 visa bulletin

    Predictions ! Dil kehta hai --- June 2001 Dimag kehta hai --- Feb 2001 Dil dimag par bhari ho !!!
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    AC-21/g8 strategy

    I am already laid-off and I did talk to the current lawyers- As per them they can take the case forward, but I have to pay them for it. In case I don't, they said we don't gaurrantee that we might forward anything to me. So, looks like I need a lawyer. Any references...
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    AC-21/g8 strategy

    Lawyer fees Hi Dimpi and Folks, I am changing jobs after getting laid-off by my GC-sponsoring employer this week. I talked to couple of lawyers for filing G28 (for taking the case further) and AC21. The fees are very high ~$2500-2800. Is this the normal fees for this purpose ? Any...
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    Is Any one out there whose PD < 01JAN98

    None PD < 1Jan1998 So, apparantely there seems be no one (in any of the sites I have browsed), whose PD < 1Jan 1998 for EB3. The earliest seems to be - Jan 23, 1998;which also in beyond this cut-off date. So, can we expect some movement next month in dates. Any thoughts !!!
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    pack your bags!!!Oct 05: EB3-98,EB2-99, downlaod,install firefox here, scoop!!!!!

    my opinion Of what I know of April 2001 filings,majority of them were from Mexico/Latinos/Carribean countries and most of them being filed in the Tri-State Area. I really doubt the %age of people from India in that bunch. I know this b'coz I have suffered the 'Labor Pain'; my Labour being filed...
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    urgent question

    Follow-up question Hi Ginnu & Folks, I am working on H1-B (since 11/2000);even though I have a valid EAD which I have not used till date.My PD - 05/01 and I-485 RD 09/03 and I-140 approved. There are chances of lay-off this month in my company.My question: 1) How soon I need to find a new...
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    retorgression effect on people whose I485 processing is in progress

    Not Correct !!! That's not correct... Ur priority date should be current for you to get approved.Why do you think there's such a big hue 'n' cry over retrogression :(
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    Countdown Begins.....

    July 2002 ;if not current...
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    FBI namecheck email..anyone got response from email sent in Jan?

    Any replies from FBI ??? I am still waiting for my status inquiry mails sent to FBI in mid-dec'04 and 11 Jan '05. Still no reply. I called them up and the lady asked me to call in 4 weeks from now and she also said that it seems that as you have still not received any e-mail;probably your name...
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    LUD Updates--please let me know

    Same for me I had opened an inquiry for my EB3-based I-485 application in June-end; got mail dated 5th July stating that security clearance etc.. etc... . Now on July 27th got these status update emails and message changed to ... "We responded to your request on July 5th'.... LUD is now 07/28/05
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    Employer moving to new location

    Employer moving to new state ... I'd like to take this question further...What if the employer is shifting to a new state all-together;even though under VSC only ? Same situation - I-140 appproved with 485 pending for an year.
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    Question on Status Enquiry Result

    AP/EAD Info Hi lovensing, You could get all the info from another thread in this forum: If you still have questions, IM me...BTW the fees for AP was $165...