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    My husband hit me infront of the kids, and he is illegal in America will he get deported if i report

    You knew he was illegal before you married him and now and I won't be surprised if you knew of his anger problem too. Why do you want him deported now that things have gone sour? Sad to say it but I cannot feel any sympathy for you.
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    i didnt take the gardasl shot ,now what?

    The op should keep in mind that not every individual has the same side effects.
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    How can I maintain my green card while performing brief visits to USA

    Immigration is not harsh to minor children whose parents are permanent residents :D If your minor child is under 2 , he /she will get his/her green card as long as you can prove it's your child. It is also wise to register the child with the US consulate in your country. You should also be aware...
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    SSN Question

    do you enjoy feeding nonsense on this board. I have lost track of all the rubbish you have posted:eek:
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    H1B lost job, wife's naturalization application under processing...

    Where do you get this from? This is America for God's sake. The days of restricting interracial marriages are over. Now stop with the misinformation:rolleyes:
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    Green card interview with false accuse arrest ??? plz help

    What is there to explain? Be honest and the truth shall set you free.
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    Form I-90 HELP PLEASE

    Why don't you file for citizenship? In the meantime choose F. Look into option F too. I am not sure if the cards from back then are the same as now.
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    can i get ssn with i551 stamp only?

    and I am living proof of it. I got my SS card with the stamp, and did not get the actual green card until 3 months later.
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    proof of physical presence in the u.s on 12/21/2000

    Do you have a driver's license? If you own any credit cards, you can ask the companies for statements from December 2000 that will also suffice.
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    I-130 and 245(i) Question

    yes it is. Keep checking the visa bulletin to see when your priority date becomes current. Then send in all the appropriate forms and fees . This package...
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    Urgent - Family based I-486: Request for interview reschedule triggered further review

    From here it appears the wedding celebrations were more important to you and I suppose you had a blast. Now stop whinning and wait until USCIS is ready for you again. Lesson here, never put anything pertaining to USCIS on hold :D
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    Slightly Off Topic: Friends???

    Some people are afraid to reveal their true identities :D