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    2012 august n-400 tracker

    You would be fine... I took the oath today and there were multiple people with some kind of ticket, as long as you have a paper to show, you should be fine. So finally took oath, before the oath, I had to give my green card away.... it was emotional... I waited for that green card for 7...
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    2012 august n-400 tracker

    Never mind, I called the local court and found the date, I just need the letter now.
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    2012 august n-400 tracker

    Hi Mogambo, Congrats! my is stuck at oath ceremony, I did the interview on Nov 1 and status changed to "Oath Ceramony" on Nov 4th, still waiting for a letter. Is there a place where I can find when will be next Oath Ceremony in my area? Thanks,
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    2012 august n-400 tracker

    I passed the interview on Nov 1 too, waiting for Oath date/ceremony. Interview was pretty simple, this video give pretty good overview of the interview process...
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    2012 august n-400 tracker

    I received my interview letter last Friday and the interview is schedule on 11/1/2012.
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    2012 august n-400 tracker

    Update.... I completed my FP on Sep 17 as schedule and yesterday my status changed to “Testing & Interview “
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    2012 august n-400 tracker

    I had the same issue for first week, but can check my status now. I have got FP notice for 9/17 at Norfolk, VA, which is around 100 miles from my place. I need someone to confirm if they take walk-in before driving for early FP. If someone has walk-in experience with Norfolk office, please share.
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    Walk-in Finger Printing at Norfolk, VA

    Does anyone has recent experience with Walk-in Finger printing at Norfolk, VA office? I am planning to go there in next couple of days, but want to make sure if they accept walk-in or not.
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    2011 Aug. N-400 Tracker

    Hi, Just want to check, when you are eligible for Applying for Citizenship. I got my GC in Jul 2007. I see you got yours in Nov 2007, so can I also apply for Citizenship at this time or should I wait? Thanks.
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    H1B still pending

    One of my friend is also waiting for his Fresh H1, which was applied in April and selected in Lottery. Case status still shows as pending. I hope they should approve it soon.
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    After getting Cards, do we need to get the Passport Stamped

    No you don't need any stamps or anything on the passport, just take your physical green cards with you and enjoy the trip.
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    I was waiting my 485, they approved my EAD

    I also got my 4th EAD approved before my GC and then 485 got approved after 2 weeks. I think they both are processed by different officers and EAD approval doesn't mean anything about 485.
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    Card Maild on July 17th 2007( How soon I should be receiving the Physical Card Mail

    I got my cards in 2 days... see my sig for details, you should also have in couple of days.
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    Anybody who got approval email in July got the card or paper approval notice yet?

    I got my card today. Thanks a lot everyone in this forum, this has been a huge help at many places, hope to see you again after 5 yrs in Citizenship Forum...:-)
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    Anybody who got approval email in July got the card or paper approval notice yet?

    I got card mailed email today, hope to see actual card in couple of days.