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    OCI and US Govt secret Clearance

    your name might run you into issues.. mr. khan.
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    Do we really need to get our Indian PP cancelled? I know that its they are not valid anymore - but it is really necessary for the Indian authorities to spell 'Cancelled' or similar on them?
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    status says Granted Aug 25th Dispatched from Del Aug 27th
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    I sent mine mid July (17th I think), and I only have the Online registration (USASI) number. To check online you need the ack (USAS0) number - I haven't received that yet; and you need that info to check online. Anyone else applied around mid-July?
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    GC for Parents - AOS and CP - Information Source

    Anyone know the latest on the status of the bill that limits the number of visas for parents to 40k (as opposed to unlimited right now)? Also, how much will the fee increase for I130 + CP be post 7/30 (fee hike)?
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    GC for Parents - AOS and CP - Information Source

    Thats completely absurd. So by applying for an immigration visa (GC), you are commiting to staying in the US and they would cancel your GC if you don't stay here. What if parents don't want to settle in the US, but just want to visit their children who are US citizens.
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    Question about US relative gone crazy with petition

    what goes around comes around. If the USC doesn't want to proceed, thats the end of story.
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    After I-130; how long can one wait before CP?

    sounds like the I 130 should not be filed until the parents are ready to move... or is there some step in which if we do not take any action on our part the application goes into a stagnant/dormant state.
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    After I-130; how long can one wait before CP?

    How long can one wait after the I-130 gets approved to file for consular processing? How long can one wait before the application (I-130) is considered abandoned. I want to get the formalities completed (before the fee increase); but my parents are not ready to move to the US just yet.
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    OCI questions for San Francisco consulate

    meaning? after getting OCI - mail them your US passport and Indian passport. They stamp 'cancelled' on your Indian passport and send both the PP's back? I don't think I would want to send them my US PP.
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    Is this OCI thingie like a US green card... meaning a physical card, or is it a stamp on the PP?
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    What's next step after I-130 approval

    considering that the immigrant visa processing fee is going to be increased from $380... can we pay that in advance/upfront? along with I130 app or something?
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    N-400 San Francisco timeline

    I had my oath today - nicely done, did make people there a little emotional... applied for Passport (expedited) on the way back at the local post office, turned in the voter registration card at the 'Democrat' booth outside the oath venue... Now time to wait for PP, apply for OCI and also...
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    Immigration Visa Fee

    I am also interested in this .... when do we pay for the Immmigration visa fee? after I130 is approved?