DV 2020 Sri Lankan Winners

All Sorry for the late update.

I got my and my wife's passport on Sep 30th. I found this thread very late, but I was continuously following BritSimon on His website and Youtube.

Thank you all for your hard work @Britsimon and the Lawyers who seen us through. I saw that after the lawsuit till sep 30, there are 135 odd visas been given.

First of all, do not lose your moral. Still you may have a chance and it totally depends on CO who interview you and thing may differ from one CO to another. Second I believe even though I had both education (bachelor’s degree) and zone 4 work experience CO made decision based on my education which is easy for him to consider as proof. But I have no idea about people who are going with only work experience.

(1,2) If you do not have 3 passes, yes do not waste time on that. For me I told document collection officer that I do not have A/L 3 passes and I would like to try with my bachelor’s degree and work experience qualification while she asks to submit A/L documents. Then her face expression suddenly changed and return back in side and talk something with the CO officer who later interview me (maybe she asked some suggestions from him I could see it through the window and my heart beat rams up almost scare to death) then she come back and gave me a warning instruction by giving a notice that without A/L we will not have any possibilities to verify your degree credential (because it is from UK university) even if it is it will take some time and also the authenticity of your work experience. Your visa may be refused due to these reasons and in that case any fees will not be refunded so are you accept this and willing to proceed further? Then I looked at the notice. It mentioned something about all family members should be included in your initial entry, 3 A/L passes required then it said about work experience as follows

“Please not that most of these kinds of jobs require the equivalent of a US university degree. Few people qualify for the DV based on their work experience alone. Therefore, we recommend that you verify whether you can qualify based on your work experience before proceeding with your application”

Then I said I agree then she said ok good Please go to other counter make your payment and come back. After she took rest of all required documents.

(3) I worked 3 places within last 5 years. I brought all. I attached original copies of
- work experience letter from each employer
- my employment agreement or contract with the company which was given to me by the company while they recruit me

Here some remarkable things happen. The document officer was very keen on the dates. She asked

DO: when did you finished your degree
Me: I replied
Do: so, after you finished your degree you started working on jobs you submitted here right?
Me: yes madam
Do: good
Then she went through my work experience documents and ask
Do: all your work experience letters have very recent dates. Why they did not offer this at your resignation?
Me: I replied
Do: (then her face expression suddenly changed) do you have resignation acceptance letters which was giving by your company at your resignation?
Me: yes, madam but unfortunately, I did not bring it now. (actually, I do not have any, but I lied:))
Do: you should have that, OK, go and sit, we will call your token number when interview is ready

(4) there was no any order. I brought following
- birth certificate both original and translation with photocopies
- police certificate
- my original bachelor’s degree certificate and transcripts (no photocopies accepted)
- Work experiences letters along with employment contracts (submit the originals do not submit photocopies)

(5) I guess mine was the longest interview which took more than 30 minutes. I cannot remember all, and it depends on person to person so better focus on
- prepare to tell something about your self
- about duties perform
- challenges you face during your work how and what did you do to overcome
- may ask some technical terms in your job category to describe what it is and how do you apply it in your job
- May give you a problem scenario in your job role and ask you how you will resolve it
- about your working environment, structure and colleagues
can you tell more about the CO question regarding work?