dv 2020

  1. nimalr

    Best time period for a travel plan

    What would be the best time period to make my travel plan. Considering the political changes and the current travel ban which going to be expired 31st december and the any extend possibility of the same, anyone please advice what would be the best time period make my travel plan to USA. My Visa...
  2. M

    Santiago (Chile) Embassy DV Interview Experiences

    Hi, Looking for information about previous experiences with interviews for DV in Santiago Embassy. If you can and want, please share the details of your experience here. Thanks in advance
  3. D

    DV 2020 Nepal winners

    Thread for DV 2020 Nepal winners to discuss the consulate and AOS process, talk about the documents we need and where to get them (eg police report and medical), and to help each other out
  4. janzz2018

    DV 2020 Sri Lankan Winners

    Congratulations on being selected! Here is a home for Sri Lankan selectees to talk about the lottery process and support each other. Share your case number with in the group be sure to write it as 15960 becomes 15XXX. My CN is 2020AS11xxx Good luck everyone!
  5. manith23

    DV 2020 Asia Selectees

    Hi to all of DV 2020 Selectees! I'm writing this thread would like to seek your guy support collecting important information related to processing of all of you especially from Asia Region. So if you are especially in Asia region would like to help other in the same region to get the best...
  6. D

    DV-2020 lottery winners Srilanka

    Let's share the experience and information throughout the process.