1. C

    DV-2022 and Estranged Children

    Hi all, me and my husband are going to be applying for this year’s DV Lottery. He has an estranged 5 year old daughter that he doesn’t see but pays child support for(proven by DNA test). He is not listed on the birth certificate and the mother allows no contact at all. Do we have to include her...
  2. T

    Pending Asylum and DV Lottery 2021

    Hi, I’ve been reading so many posts people inquiring whether it is possible to get a green card through DV lottery while having a pending Asylum case. But I have not found a single successful story of one whether successfully processing AOS on pending asylum which seems not possible or...
  3. J

    highest education - help

    hi guys, last year I took part of the DV lottery and I might have made a mistake: Few years ago I was in university, but i haven't finished it because of a good job offer - I've been working for this company for three years now. So i chose: some university courses, instead of high school...
  4. O

    I am a refugee in Netherlands. What will happen?

    Hello everyone. Im currently a refugee in the netherlands waiting for an answer. I came here 2 months ago and the process may take up to 2 years to get permission to stay. The DV lottery website is asking me to put the country im living in. Should i put netherlands?. Even if half my family is...
  5. janzz2018

    DV 2020 Sri Lankan Winners

    Congratulations on being selected! Here is a home for Sri Lankan selectees to talk about the lottery process and support each other. Share your case number with in the group be sure to write it as 15960 becomes 15XXX. My CN is 2020AS11xxx Good luck everyone!
  6. K

    Marriage Cross Charging DV2019

    Hi there, I'm Irish and entered the DV2019 as a single applicant. I'm in a long term relationship (5 years) with a UK citizen who went to University in America (and would be keen to move back). IF (long shot but still trying to get my ducks in a row..) successful in the DV lottery & we got...
  7. I

    Where should I take my picture for the D.V. lottery?

    Hey, I've seen all of the requirements that I have to fill to register to the lottery, but do I have to go to a professional photographer to take the picture, or can I do it with my smartphone? And another minor question about the picture, does it matter if I have a ponytail and the picture was...
  8. S

    Residence Permit

    Hello everyone, Due to current situations in Turkey, we are living in Balkans for like 7 months now, with my husband. Now we've learned that my husband is selected for DV. We'd applied for the lottery from here. The thing I want to ask is, we still don't have residence permit here. Do you think...