DV 2020 Sri Lankan Winners

Congratulations on being selected!
Here is a home for Sri Lankan selectees to talk about the lottery process and support each other.
Share your case number with in the group be sure to write it as 15960 becomes 15XXX.
My CN is 2020AS11xxx

Good luck everyone!
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Sri Lankan winners - DV 2020

Janzz - 2020AS11xxx
Shukri m.a.m - 2020AS12XXX
kapilan - 2020AS14xx
Akila - 2020AS14XXX
Yasa89 - 2020AS18xxx
Chamath - 2020AS25xxx
Sameera - 2020AS23xxx

Guhanathan Kumar -
Nayomi -

(Details captured from britsimon's blog)
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