DV 2019 Ghana Selectees

yea but u need to do a lot of follow ups
Status shows READY, I have done some follow-ups; calls, emails and on-site visit. Two visits to the consulate has been reported above. On 2 occasions the clerks in blue shirt have told me my visas have not been printed. On my last visit to the consulate, I was given feedback by the clerk that whoever he called told him this "Why is he here?, his visa has not been printed, I do not even understand why it's not been printed so I will make a note on his case." This a week ago, I know of another couple I met who have not been issued as well, they have been called twice to re-submit DS-260 for a derivative and to redo fingerprint. I have not had any call or email from the consulate about any issues or whatsoever. Last date of update was Dec. 14, 2019. I have also made 3 visits to the DHL Office since the interview, most recent was about 3 weeks ago, there is no sign of my passports anywhere there.

I like to respond to your concerns to help us all learn more about the process and to be able to help others in the future. Everyone I have spoken to has urged me to be patient; that's my best bet now. I don't know if any of the super moderators like @Britsimon @Sm1smom or @SusieQQQ have anything to share in respect of my case or any of these delays. By the way, yesterday was my 8th week anniversary. Cheers:)