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    DV 2019 Ghana Selectees

    Page for Ghanaian selected for DV 2019. Let's share our issues challenges and support one another for successful GC application process
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    Travel With Baby

    Hi, I'm a DV 2018 winner. My CN is 2018AF19***.My problem is that, i would love to travel with my 9months old baby.But i have some questions about it. 1_ Is it a good option for me ?would it be easy for me to take of my baby upon arrival in the US ? What difficulties can i encounter ? 2_would...
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    Change of Information and status on diversity visa

    I have been refused a tourist visa several times because someone applied for a diversity visa about 8 years ago and wrongfully put in my name as his spouse wit out telling me. I got married to last year and I live in the UK. How do I address this issue and change the information the US...