1. R

    F1 visa

    Hello, I had the port of entry in Abu Dhabi , August 5th. My passport has stamped August 5th as arrival time but my i-94 record shows August 6th as arrival time. This was all because of different time zone. Now, which date do I fill up on documents when I need to write arrival time in USA?
  2. Aska

    Technical Issue

    I encountered Technical Issue during submiting DV Lottery application. There appeared white screen when I pressed submit button on the second page. But there was not any Confirmation number window. So, I entered my details again and submited my application on second effort. And got Confirmation...
  3. F

    DV 2019 Ghana Selectees

    Page for Ghanaian selected for DV 2019. Let's share our issues challenges and support one another for successful GC application process
  4. Franky5

    Dv2019 Issues, Any Help?

    Hello guys join this great forum a couple of days ago but i had gone through the trends for than 2 hrs each day. The moderators and avid contributors are doing an amazing work. y'all are awesome. Having a confusion over my EDV entry i made on Dv2019. 1.My place of birth on my relevant...
  5. M

    Travel With Baby

    Hi, I'm a DV 2018 winner. My CN is 2018AF19***.My problem is that, i would love to travel with my 9months old baby.But i have some questions about it. 1_ Is it a good option for me ?would it be easy for me to take of my baby upon arrival in the US ? What difficulties can i encounter ? 2_would...
  6. O

    DV 2018 Selectees from Benin (West Africa)

    Is Anyone here selected for the DV 2018 from Benin or someone with experience in DV lotto? i have few questions... my case number is current (less than 8500) based on the new published visa bulletin but KCC is saying that they have not processed my DS260 and that i will not go with october...