1. R

    F1 visa

    Hello, I had the port of entry in Abu Dhabi , August 5th. My passport has stamped August 5th as arrival time but my i-94 record shows August 6th as arrival time. This was all because of different time zone. Now, which date do I fill up on documents when I need to write arrival time in USA?
  2. Aska

    Technical Issue

    I encountered Technical Issue during submiting DV Lottery application. There appeared white screen when I pressed submit button on the second page. But there was not any Confirmation number window. So, I entered my details again and submited my application on second effort. And got Confirmation...
  3. F

    DV 2019 Ghana Selectees

    Page for Ghanaian selected for DV 2019. Let's share our issues challenges and support one another for successful GC application process
  4. M

    Travel With Baby

    Hi, I'm a DV 2018 winner. My CN is 2018AF19***.My problem is that, i would love to travel with my 9months old baby.But i have some questions about it. 1_ Is it a good option for me ?would it be easy for me to take of my baby upon arrival in the US ? What difficulties can i encounter ? 2_would...
  5. M

    DV2017 selectee in need of help

    Hello there, i have a friend who won the dv2017 lottery, she just did a mistake in the first application form, she was born in uae but she's sudanese, so she applied to Africa region (Sudan) since she answered the second question after the place of birth that asks if u want to apply to ur...
  6. Tamer1982

    previous address DV2017

    dear all. regarding the previous wife is the main applicant lives in Egypt. but me working in Saudi Arabia she came to me for a visit for about 6 months ( a few days less six months) shall i must mentioned that as a previous address ?? if yes so this what happiend when i mentioned...
  7. Mi4

    Urgent "need advice from moderators"

    My friend who is the principal applicant, family of five attended medicals last week and she was informed she need to do a sputum test. Now her interview is on 7 th June, but she was cautioned by the medical doctor Iom (Nairobi) that she must reschedule her interview. She will be denied Visa...
  8. P

    Change of Information and status on diversity visa

    I have been refused a tourist visa several times because someone applied for a diversity visa about 8 years ago and wrongfully put in my name as his spouse wit out telling me. I got married to last year and I live in the UK. How do I address this issue and change the information the US...