1. M

    DS 260 Form, Addresses Lived In Since Age 16

    Hi, I am helping my uncle with filling out his DS 260 USA Immigration Visa Application Form. In the DS 260 form, there is a field that asks for the addresses in which he lived since the age of 16. He lived in several other countries. But he mostly does not remember the addresses of all the...
  2. J

    Beneficiary ID for DS 260 USA Immigration Visa Form

    The DS 260 form has a field asking for Beneficiary ID. I could not find it in my any of my documents. I have the Case Number, the Invoice ID, the Transaction ID. But I could not locate the Beneficiary ID. How will I obtain it? Thanks for any help.
  3. J

    DS 260 Visa Application Form Filling out, CAPITAL or Not

    Hi, Should I fill up the text fields in DS 260 form in all 'CAPITAL LETTERS' or 'Each Word Capitalized' or 'Sentence case'? Thanks for any help. --- Jamil Ahmed
  4. driano

    Medical Technologist

    hi, I am a Medical Technologist from Philippines . i need work in US, Colorado or nearby state i need sponsor for my visa. ASCPi holder and RMT in PH. Thanks
  5. D

    Applying for other Visas while K1 is processing

    Hello all, I am a US citizen living in the US and my girlfriend is a Czech Republic citizen. She came to the US back in August 2015 on an ESTA visa (3 month VISA) and during that time, we met. She then overstayed the ESTA visa for 175 days (we were aware of the 180 bar). She is now back in the...
  6. V

    Pls help H1b from Japan for Indian

    Dear All I am currently in Japan from my company in India and I am an employee of the Japan Branch of my company.I have an engineer status visa in Japan for 5 years.I hold an Indian passport. Is it possible for me to attend the H1B visa interview in the American consulate of Japan. Are there...
  7. Samedi21

    I nee

    Hello! I need help with my problem,I am a French citizen and 15 yrs ago I overstayed my au pair visa for 10yrs,I loved NYC so much that I wanted to stay. I had a valid SS number , I was paying taxes and I had a valid driving licence from MD and I have a bank account,I was earning a good living...
  8. S

    Should I get a new visa while waiting for the Waiver Recommendation?

    I am wondering if I should travel while waiting for the NOS. My current visa expires may 2016 and but my ds2019 is valid until Dec 2016. I am a Dominican Grad student on a J1. I would like to go home this April to renew my visa in order to be able to travel in September to Europe. Since I have...
  9. Rochelle Mandocdoc

    J1 Visa

    Hi guys! I badly need your help. I had my visa interview last March 23, 2016 and the consul gave me a 221(g) letter and asking for a certain document. Last March 30, I gave the document back to embassy. And when I checked my visa status online yesterday: March 31, it said "refused". 1.) Does...