Dilemma: Traveling aboard soon and also becoming a US Citizen


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Hi All

My wife is going to become a naturalized US Citizen very soon and by estimation, around the time she swears in as a US Citizen is when she needs to travel aboard.

She's traveling to Spain for a few days during that time. She's very likely have already completed her oath and become a citizen. However, by the time she took the oath and try to apply for a US Passport, there might not be enough time to get the US Passport.

My question is:
- Is my wife technical a US Citizen as soon as she takes the oath and got her naturalization certificate?
- After the oath, is her former nationality and passport invalid that she has to travel with a new US passport?
- What do you do if you have to travel aboard but you're a citizen but still waiting for your passport?
- Would she get in any trouble for traveling with a former passport with a Spain Visa?
- Would she be able to get in to Spain without her new US passport but with her naturalization paper?

Thank you.



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1. yes
2. depends on her current nationality. The US doesn't care how many nationalities you have.
3. you can make an appointment at a passport office for an urgent passport if travel is within two weeks, or a visa is required within four weeks. You can also just show up if no appointment is necesarry: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/information/where-to-apply/agencies.html
4. leaving is not a problem on a foreign passport, but re-entering the US could be. They could give her a lot of hassle at the border. Best to travel with a US passport
5. no