1. F

    I-130 Question Please Help

    Hello here's my situation and i appreciate all the help i can get, So i got married about a year ago now in china to a Chinese man, needed to go to us embassy in china to get a specific piece of paper translated then we took it to local chinese courthouse to do the rest and got married. Fast...
  2. SS0033

    Visa & Insurance for 65+ Canadians visiting USA

    My Parents are Canadian citizens and i would like them to join me in US for the maximum time in a year if they can. Below are my questions regarding this: 1. Do they need any Visa or is there another way they can stay in US for more than 6 months? 2. Is it 6 months in a year? Or, can they go...
  3. E

    TN Visa for Software Engineering Position With Mechanical Engineering Degree?

    Hey all, I found this forum and I'm really hoping to gain some insight to better understand how to handle my situation. Some background: I'm a Canadian with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. I'm currently doing a Masters in Electrical and Computer engineering, my research is...
  4. E

    Eb3 VISA help

    Hi I’m from Ireland My cousin was able to find a employer for me who will sponsor me on eb3 visa. If we start the process now what would the time frame be? on the March bulletin it says it’s current For both skilled and non skilled I know non skilled is max 10k each year But as it’s current what...
  5. raaguas

    3rd Trimester Pregnant, Waiting for Interview

    Seeking advice on what to do. Hoping someone can help... I am petitioned together with my father (principal applicant), mother and younger sister under F3. We just received an email this month that we just need to wait for the interview schedule. I am single, currently on my 34th week of...
  6. W

    Change of plan?

    Hi all, I'm on a K1-Visa; and I'm the beneficiary. The overall process went great, no hiccups. I'm in the US now with my partner. I won't go into details as it's personal, but is it possible to abandon your K1 in favor of marrying elsewhere, such as my homeland, Australia? We're considering...
  7. Cocorea

    i9 Form for TN Management Consultant?

    Hi Everyone, My TN Status for Management Consultant was approved! I read in Joseph C. Grasmick's TN Handbook for Canadians that it's imperative to have the company's payroll fill out the i9 form and that there were serious consequences if this was not done. The thing is I was hired by my...
  8. A

    What Visa to aim for when hoping to work in the USA after graduating with a German Master's Degree?

    I have a quick question regarding Visas that would allow me to work in the US. I am a German university student about to graduate with a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering and would like to work full time in the USA (Minnesota) after graduation. My question: Is it correct, that there are...
  9. T

    Can I enter the US with L-2 visa after I and My L-1 holder went back to our country to work.

    Hi Everyone, I used to work in the USA under L-2 and with a valid EAD card. My wife and I went back to our original country and right now I wanted to go back to the USA. Can I enter the USA with the current visa ( L-1) and work at a place in the USA. Please advise and guide me. Here is the...
  10. S

    498a passport impound india

    i got a notice that my passport will be impounded in regards to case 498a in India. what happens when a passport gets impounded. 1) Does the VISA stamp on my passport becomes in valid? 2) Do i need to get a new passport? 3) Do i need to get a new visa stamp?
  11. U

    Who can assist you with CANADA immigration process fastly?

    Canada is the world's second largest country and the fourth largest country by land area. Its capital is Ottawa and its five largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nation, the product of...
  12. rvpals

    Dilemma: Traveling aboard soon and also becoming a US Citizen

    Hi All My wife is going to become a naturalized US Citizen very soon and by estimation, around the time she swears in as a US Citizen is when she needs to travel aboard. She's traveling to Spain for a few days during that time. She's very likely have already completed her oath and...
  13. I

    Green Card Through Marriage Process when Currently Employed on H1b

    Hello, I am on H1B visa working for one of the top 10 consulting firms. Green card labor has been approved and waiting on i140. My girlfriend and I are planning to get married later this year and she is a citizen. I will be applying for green card through marriage. I have a few questions on...
  14. H

    I'm a green card holder and wish to travel to China...

    So I just received my green card, and now would like to travel to China for short period of time 3 months. To enter China mainland, I will need a valid Chinese passport but mine is expired a long time ago after staying in the U.S. 5 years. My questions are below: Is there a way I can renew my...
  15. H

    I have a very tricky situation...

    So I received the I-485 approval notice on 11/22/16, and I'm about to visit China, the country where I was born. This is going to be my first international travel right after I get my green card(assuming I'll get it soon). I'll be staying in China for 3 months at most. The tricky part is: my...
  16. R

    No confirmationg number for DV 2018

    Hello, Yesterday I tried to apply for DV 2018 online, I filled the form, clicked on submit but didn't get the confirmation number, is this means that my application isn't confirmed ? Should I apply again ? Does anyone have the same problem ? Thank you
  17. L

    Can I Get my f1 Visa Stamped in Another Country

    Hi, My current visa status is H4b extension which was applied two weeks back, I am planning to join a college for masters degree. Iwant to change my visa status to F1 since this is an experiential mba program where i can get my F1 cpt. Can i apply for f1cos while in h4 extension. This program...
  18. M

    DS 260 Form, Addresses Lived In Since Age 16

    Hi, I am helping my uncle with filling out his DS 260 USA Immigration Visa Application Form. In the DS 260 form, there is a field that asks for the addresses in which he lived since the age of 16. He lived in several other countries. But he mostly does not remember the addresses of all the...
  19. J

    Beneficiary ID for DS 260 USA Immigration Visa Form

    The DS 260 form has a field asking for Beneficiary ID. I could not find it in my any of my documents. I have the Case Number, the Invoice ID, the Transaction ID. But I could not locate the Beneficiary ID. How will I obtain it? Thanks for any help.
  20. J

    DS 260 Visa Application Form Filling out, CAPITAL or Not

    Hi, Should I fill up the text fields in DS 260 form in all 'CAPITAL LETTERS' or 'Each Word Capitalized' or 'Sentence case'? Thanks for any help. --- Jamil Ahmed