1. G

    Mismatched names in academic transcripts

    My academic transcripts have mismatched names due to a mistake. Their correction process is taking too long.My passport and ID documents have my name in the correct format. Can I still apply for F-1 or would this pose a problem? My university has said it wouldn't be a problem as long as my...
  2. D

    Interesting case that went from a FB2 to an F1, to an F3, and then I-130 was denied.

    I have a peculiar case where my family is stuck and would very much appreciate some feedback from this forum. The timelines. 1. - Father - Permanent Resident submits I-130 for his daughter who lives in Mexico, in February of 2001. 2. - Daughter is 23, and not legally married at the time the...
  3. G

    DV260 PROCESSING - Number elegible since January

    Hello world, I'm waiting for the KCC interview email. I'm in europe with a CN close to 10.000, elebible for the interview since January 2023. I've sent the DV 260 only in September 2022 and I have not received anything yet from KCC. Can I write an email to the KCC asking them to review my...
  4. D

    Travel from USA to India: Need Passport and Tourist Visa by March 17th

    Hi everyone. I am in quite a crappy situation and am looking for any help/advice I can get. So my friend is having his engagement party in India next month, the plan is for everyone to be over there from March 17th to the 27th. As someone who hasn't really traveled very much, I was super naïve...
  5. keerthan

    H1b transfer if the visa is under 221g?

    Hi Rajiv, I have an h1b visa approved with employer A under the client model, but no client employment letter. so now I'm booking a visa appointment for h1b which has a very good chance of getting 221g refusal. if I get 221G, can I transfer my H1b to a new employer - B, and book a fresh visa...
  6. F

    Td visa holder is waiting for new visa after 7 months!

    Hi, I’m Td holder( Dependent of Tn visa holder) but I’m not Mexican or Canadian citizen! I sent my application to extended my visa (through the Uscis) 7 months ago and still no response, just did the Biometric like 5 months ago! Is there anyone is here like me? How long does it take ? Thanks
  7. V

    Nov 15 Visa - questions

    My friend and I are US citizens and want to go to a friend’s wedding in India. We need tourist visas and saw the news that they open Nov 15. We were planning to fly out on Nov 15 evening from New York. My questions are: 1. are we able to get the visa earlier on our passports but use it after...
  8. Tygo

    Can't find a visa suitable for me

    Hi there, I'm Tygo, currently living in portugal (europe), I would like to move to the United states, alone, specifically Austin Texas, not permanentely (for now) but at least 6 months minimum would be ideal. I work as an online freelancer, in video creation and media specifically, so I can't...
  9. dammyshaggs

    Urgent Help with "Your group size is larger than the current allocation" error on my VISA appointment date seeking

    Hello beautiful people, I seek your expert review and advice on what to do on the error am getting on my VISA appointment page. Initially got a late date (January 22, 2022), so I requested an emergency date which was approved within 12 hours. I...
  10. A

    How to Apply Visa for Canada

    Presence of numerous movement programs makes it simpler for possibility to get the perpetual inhabitant status in Canada. Migration standards in Canada are very great as the nation is attempting to battle the issue of maturing populace. A country which has lived under the shadow of the United...
  11. C

    Travel back to my homeland

    Can I travel back to my home land while waiting for my green card. My immigrant visa on my passport says “Upon endorsement serves as temporary I-551 evidencing permanent permanent residence for 1 year” can I travel back home if my passport says that?
  12. A

    TN -> B2 While Job Searching

    Hi there I realize this question has been asked a few times on this forum but I wanted to ask regarding my situation I was on TN visa under the Engineer status as a product manager in the Bay Area I was laid off on March 16th 2020, so I have until May 15th 2020 to find a job It's currently...
  13. B

    Do they check tax returns as part of the green card approval process?

    I’m here on an H1-B and about to file a PERM. Last year I messed up and, on advice of friends, signed up for Upwork and took on two paid jobs. I realized as my second job started that my visa didn’t allow this kind of work. I stopped after that job and haven’t done any work on the side since...
  14. F

    I-130 Question Please Help

    Hello here's my situation and i appreciate all the help i can get, So i got married about a year ago now in china to a Chinese man, needed to go to us embassy in china to get a specific piece of paper translated then we took it to local chinese courthouse to do the rest and got married. Fast...
  15. SS0033

    Visa & Insurance for 65+ Canadians visiting USA

    My Parents are Canadian citizens and i would like them to join me in US for the maximum time in a year if they can. Below are my questions regarding this: 1. Do they need any Visa or is there another way they can stay in US for more than 6 months? 2. Is it 6 months in a year? Or, can they go...
  16. E

    TN Visa for Software Engineering Position With Mechanical Engineering Degree?

    Hey all, I found this forum and I'm really hoping to gain some insight to better understand how to handle my situation. Some background: I'm a Canadian with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. I'm currently doing a Masters in Electrical and Computer engineering, my research is...
  17. E

    Eb3 VISA help

    Hi I’m from Ireland My cousin was able to find a employer for me who will sponsor me on eb3 visa. If we start the process now what would the time frame be? on the March bulletin it says it’s current For both skilled and non skilled I know non skilled is max 10k each year But as it’s current what...
  18. raaguas

    3rd Trimester Pregnant, Waiting for Interview

    Seeking advice on what to do. Hoping someone can help... I am petitioned together with my father (principal applicant), mother and younger sister under F3. We just received an email this month that we just need to wait for the interview schedule. I am single, currently on my 34th week of...
  19. W

    Change of plan?

    Hi all, I'm on a K1-Visa; and I'm the beneficiary. The overall process went great, no hiccups. I'm in the US now with my partner. I won't go into details as it's personal, but is it possible to abandon your K1 in favor of marrying elsewhere, such as my homeland, Australia? We're considering...
  20. Cocorea

    i9 Form for TN Management Consultant?

    Hi Everyone, My TN Status for Management Consultant was approved! I read in Joseph C. Grasmick's TN Handbook for Canadians that it's imperative to have the company's payroll fill out the i9 form and that there were serious consequences if this was not done. The thing is I was hired by my...