I-130 Question Please Help


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Hello here's my situation and i appreciate all the help i can get,

So i got married about a year ago now in china to a Chinese man, needed to go to us embassy in china to get a specific piece of paper translated then we took it to local chinese courthouse to do the rest and got married.

Fast forward a year later and we want to start the i-130 process.

You may ask why did she wait a year.

Well....im a little concerned.

I have been unemployed for 5 years now. My previous job was a government agency.

I have money saved up, and kind of worked under the table for awhile (5 years)

I have a non family member who said they would sponsor me to show he wont be a government mooch.

What should I do?

Get a lawyer?
How much does the average lawyer cost?
Whats the average time people go through from start to finish?

Thanks in advance.