I'm a green card holder and wish to travel to China...

So I just received my green card, and now would like to travel to China for short period of time 3 months. To enter China mainland, I will need a valid Chinese passport but mine is expired a long time ago after staying in the U.S. 5 years. My questions are below:
  • Is there a way I can renew my Chinese passport?
  • Although I'm a legal resident, will I run into any trouble renewing my passport, since I let it expired for a long time(more than 3 years)?
  • If I'm eligible to renew my Chinese passport, what are some of the requirements, such as the old passport? Green card?
Experts in traveling to China please give me some advice! Appreciated!


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You should have no problems renewing your Chinese passport. You will need to provide proof of legal status in the US for which your green card will do. Yes, you will need to provide your old passport.
Thanks for replying! I just want to know that if renewal service for Chinese passport is available in the United States. Any tip and advice on applying passport renewal? Such as if I need to schedule appointment? Or do I need some kind of application that I can download online?
Thanks again for helping!