What Visa to aim for when hoping to work in the USA after graduating with a German Master's Degree?


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I have a quick question regarding Visas that would allow me to work in the US.
I am a German university student about to graduate with a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering and would like to work full time in the USA (Minnesota) after graduation.
My question:
Is it correct, that there are two options for me to get a residence + work permit for the US?
  • Temporary Worker Visa (H-1B)
  • Permanent Worker Visa (Second Preference EB-2?)
I know that both of those Visa options have several sub-categories, but right now I would just like to know whether there is a third option for me or if I should focus on either a Temporary or Permanent Worker Visa.
I do know that for both of those options I need to find an employee first, who is willing to support my request for a work Visa.
I read that it is possible to request a US work permit (Form I-765) on its own, but as far as I understand it, that does not include a residence permit/allowance to enter the country. So I guess this is only for people who are already legally in the country but don’t have a work permit, for example refugees.
Also: Does it make sense to hire an immigration attorney?
Thank you for your time!