1. P

    Need clarification regarding h1b visa stamping

    I was on h1b and I lost my job in Feb so I moved to h4 in April. It was approved but I never stepped out of US so I donot have H4 stamping. I secured a new job on h1b in July and My new h1b visa has been approved till 2026, I have a question related to re-entry if I step out of USA. My passport...
  2. A

    H1B to Marriage GC EAD

    Hi, Currently on H1B, and recently married to US citizen, we have sent all the documents to USCIS. From your prior experience, how long does it take to get the EAD vs. someone who is not on H1B? Thanks
  3. A

    H1-B Can come back to USA after quitting job and living in India?

    Hi, I recently got picked in the H1-B lottery this year. I am looking to get my H1-B visa stamp this year and then quit my job in the US and move back to India permanently. Given that I am able to find an employer who is willing to sponsor my visa - will I still have the option to return to the...
  4. shanmuks

    Can i transfer H1B Approved before October 1st Amid Layoff's

    Hi Everyone, I recently had my H1B visa approved through the 2023 lottery. However, with recent layoffs in my company, I am concerned about my job stability. Can I transfer my H1B visa to another employer before the start date of October 1st? I read somewhere that the new employer could file...
  5. jayapragashd


    Hello All, I have recently I have started working with new consulting group as contractor, and they have initiated my H1b transfer in normal processing with all dependents and it's still pending USCIS. The same time I have had one full time opportunities will be joining shortly in May, The H1b...
  6. Y

    USCIS connect - case number

    Dear All, My Petition send back to USCIS for further verification after Consular Mumbai interview. Myself & Petitioner both waiting any email or connect from USCIS last 4 months. I have emailed last week to Mumbai consulate & Visa Travel doc for any update. Also it is 180 days over after RFQ doc...
  7. F

    H1b Experience at Border for Canadian Citizens (current TN)

    Hi, I am currently on TN visa and have a H1B petition which was approved in Oct 2021 (I didn't change status to H1B). I have been working on TN visa ever since. Now I want to change to H1B to file a green card application. Do you see any issues for me at the border? Can the agents ask me why I...
  8. Y

    H1B Process status ( Refusal last year) & this year H1B Lottery

    Dear All, Need your suggestion regarding H1B. I was selected last year H1B Lottery through one of the consulting company and got i am done Consulate interview last year October 7th and given RFQ submission for additional documents which submitted October 20th. After two months received a letter...
  9. mdtalhabu

    H1B Visa

    I had the following queries related to immigration if you don't mind me asking: 1. If I get an H1B cap-exempt visa from a non-profit organization or academic institute and I want to work for a US-based industry, do I have to go through the lottery system to get the new H1B visa? And what is the...
  10. P

    2 H1B filing and stamping

    Hello Rajiv Ji, I'm in F1 STEM OPT(2yr(expires in Oct)) I'm working for two Employer A (40hrs) and Employer B(30hrs), both H1B got picked(not related in any way) and both want to file. Q1. Can I file for both H1Bs? if yes I will share my I20 with both employers, do I get into trouble if...
  11. M

    Start date when transferring from H1-B cap-exempt to H1-B capped visa

    Hi, I'm already in the US on an H-1B cap-exempt visa. Let's say my H-1B cap-subject (non-exempt) visa is approved, can I start working for my new employer as soon as my H-1B non-exempt visa is approved, without waiting until October 1st?
  12. A

    H1 Max out in Feb 2022 and cannot travel as wife's due date is at same time

    Hi Rajiv Sir, My visa max out date is Feb-18/2022. My org has filed perm in April 2022 and still waiting for perm certification to come. I am in a situation where my wife is expecting and her due date is between Feb-26 to March-5. Doctor has strictly recommended not to travel due to some health...
  13. V

    Returning to the US on the second H-1B

    Hello, I wanted to let people know about my situation before getting some help on how I can go about this. I was in the US on a work visa (H-1B) till Oct 2022. This was the completion of my 6 years on H-1B and my company couldn't file for my I-140 to put me in the queue for the green card. And...
  14. P

    Changing jobs - H1B to using pending I-485 EAD

    Hello all, I wanted to hear 1st hand experience from folks who have started to use their pending I-485 EAD/AP to change jobs. I have a job offer but they do not sponsor any visas or GCs. They probably won't be able to sign Form I-485J either. My priority date is Aug 2014, and I am debating if...
  15. B

    NOID for H!-B Transfer

    Background: I did my masters from Northwestern Polytechnic University and graduated in Dec 2016, in 2019 I received my H1-B. I was recently offered a full time position, and they started a H1-B transfer petition, where I got Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID). Now the firm is planning to...
  16. emmausa

    H4 (EB3) - H1B apply for Green Card - Separately

    Hi Group Members, My spouse had H1B 3.5+ years ago. His company is processing GC for him but it takes too long. Currently, the company still has NOT submitted PERM to DOL yet (prevailing wage is still processing by DOL). Just scared in WORST CASE that the company may be STOP the hold process...
  17. emmausa

    H4 & H1B (EB3) apply for Green Card - Separately

    Hi Group Members, My spouse had H1B 3.5+ years ago. His company is processing GC for him but it takes too long. Currently, the company still has NOT submitted PERM to DOL yet (prevailing wage is still processing by DOL). Just scared in WORST CASE that the company may be STOP the hold process...
  18. keerthan

    H1b transfer if the visa is under 221g?

    Hi Rajiv, I have an h1b visa approved with employer A under the client model, but no client employment letter. so now I'm booking a visa appointment for h1b which has a very good chance of getting 221g refusal. if I get 221G, can I transfer my H1b to a new employer - B, and book a fresh visa...
  19. D

    Changing jobs with i140 approved for more than 1 year

    Hi, I have an approved i140 for more than 1 year now. My H1B just got renewed for another 3 years until 2025. My wife's H4 got renewed and she has an H4-ead. I am currently in job A. If I move to a different job B, I understand my PERM process will start all over again. I understand it will...
  20. H

    I94 admit date post Travel - Urgent!

    Hi Team, I had to travel on a personal emergency to India during the month of May. I have my H1B visa approved from Sep 06,2019 to Sep 06,2022 and also have my new I797A which is valid from Sep 07, 2022 to Sep 06, 2025. Upon my re-entry to US via Houston, the Immigration officer didn't...