1. P

    Application for H4 visa if you are already Canadian PR holder

    Hello everyone, I have few queries to ask my husband is a H1B visa holder and I am Canadian PR holder and I also have B2 tourist visa and I usually travel with it to visit him, we got recently married. My question here is do I need to apply for H4 visa as I don't stay in US much as I work in...
  2. Anjain

    I-140 with expired h1b

    I have an approved i140 with a 2017 PD and am working on H1b. However, I am planning to leave USA for a few years and plan to come back when PD becomes current. Is this possible if h1b expires while I am out of country. If I get a new h1b, will i140 be still valid in a few years?
  3. J

    H1B Visa, i797 approval and Passport Expiry

    Hello, I got my i797 approved( in March 2021) for the position of Professor in CS department in an University in AR, US. Now that the travel ban is in place, my H1B application is refused for the reason I don't fall under the NIE category. In the meantime, my passport expires in May 2022...
  4. S

    Impact of H1b overstay after I-797 expiration in next H1b transfer

    Hi, I am an Indian and did my masters in the USA and graduated in 2015. My initial H1b started in October 2015. I worked for company X with H1b until December 2016 and got laid off. I have paystubs of that company until then. Company Y filed for H1b transfer in early February 2017 for client C...
  5. mdshahid22

    H1b Extn Denied

    I had filed for my H1b extension on oct 2020 and it got denied(Reason: Specialty Occupation) in May 2021. My i94 expired in Dec 2020. My current employer is not willing to repeal and do a NPT either and wants me to leave back to India ASAP and the situation in India due to COVID is very bad and...
  6. anuxps

    EB1-C Green Card for H1B Visa Holder having Managerial Experience

    I am playing a managerial role in my current company but having an H1B visa, not L1A. I have more than 1 year of managerial experience outside of the USA (9 months India and 4 months Netherland) during the time from 2013 to 2014. In 2014, I came to the USA on H1B Visa. Now if my employer wants...
  7. V

    Can H1B holder get EIN for his LLC?

    I am on H1B currently and would like to create LLC and get EIN for rental property. I would like to know if H1B holder is allowed to generate EIN for the LLC that they have formed. I am okay to have the money flowing to bank account linked to that EIN and willing to wait till i receive green...
  8. S

    Citizen Sponsoring Sibling And Possibly Applying For Student/H1B Visa

    I recently became a citizen of US (came to US on basis of marriage). My husband has been a naturalized citizen for well over 10 years. I want to file I-130 for my parents and my brother (turned 21 few months ago). My understanding is that parents can be here within a year if everything goes as...
  9. P

    Alternate wage source for H1B

    Hi, Does anyone filed H1B transfer/extension in alternate wage source after new wage related restrictions are placed? If so, please share your experience. Thanks,
  10. R

    Convert cap-subjected H1-B to concurrent

    Hi, I'm working for a hospital with cap-exempt H1B in NY. A consulting firm applied H1B in the lottery this year. It got picked and approved for 3 years. As I'm already on H1B, I believe there won't be any change of status after the approval of cab subjected H1B. I want to convert the cap H1B...
  11. C

    Can employers stop payroll for H1 employees by transferring them to their Global org?

    The contract that my employer had with a client ended due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. After 2 weeks of bench period, On April 14, a bunch of us H1 and L1 employees were given a Transfer letter that stated that the payroll processing would stop on April 15 and gave us a choice of either relocation...
  12. K

    H1B affected by EO if I was in the United States on June 22 on F1 Visa?

    Hi, If I was on valid F1 visa in the United States before June 22, can I still apply for H1B through Government agencies (city government) for this year despite the Executive Order? What is the visa process for that? Is it different from the cap-subject visa? I am currently on my 60-day grace...
  13. A

    H1B Laid Off - Find a new job - 60 days grace period - Not sure it fits this timeline + Green Card marriage in process

    Hi Everyone, I hope you all doing great and healthy! I am currently in a complicated situation. I was on a H1B and I was laid off on April, 10th and received a 2 weeks severance pay but paid in total 2 weeks after. I believe my 60 days activates the day of my last paid severance, but let's say...
  14. sabat

    H1b transfer - 60days grace period - COVID-19

    Hi , My initial h1b was approved on jan2 2020 and i94 was valid till 2021. I was laid off on Feb29th and My 60 days grace period ends today (Arpil 30th) I found the new job and employer who is willing to transfer my h1b on 15th march and submitted all the documents to uscis on April 9th. I...
  15. S

    TN to H1B with a different company.

    Hi, I'm a 29 yo Mexican TN Visa holder in the IT area. I'm currently employed by a consultant company (Company A) that provided the offer letter to come here. This company offered to sponsor the H1B visa after the first year which happens to be around these days. Now, the company where I...
  16. M

    Change employer without working for H1B sponsoring employer

    Situation: I am currently in US on L1B from Employer A (petition and I-94) valid till Feb 2021 and would have another 2 years to max out (Feb 2023). My current employer is not supporting to file H1B, so I want to apply for H1B consular processing through another employer B this year, so that I...
  17. M

    L1B to H1B - Different Employers

    Situation: I am currently in US on L1B from Employer A (petition and I-94) valid till Feb 2021 and would have another 2 years to max out (Feb 2023). My current employer is not supporting to file H1B, so I want to apply for H1B consular processing through another employer B this year, so that I...
  18. R

    H1B validity after I-140 revoked by previous employer

    I am working for Employer A on H1B and 6 years limit expires in 10 months (Sept 2020). I just got I-140 approved with Employer A (Nov 2019). I have a job offer from Employer B and would like to move in next 2 months (before 6 months of I-140 approval). 1. If Employer A revokes/withdraws...
  19. Y

    No Client letter from Government company for H1B RFE

    Hello, My employer has filed for H1B this year and got an RFE to provide client letter (Employer-Employee relationship). I'm currently working in EVC (Employer - Vendor - Client) model. Here the client is State Government firm. The client says they cannot provide letter on their letter head as...
  20. J

    Living in Mexico while on H-1

    Hi all, I have a question, currently I live in the US with L1 Visa and I am transitioning to an H1 Visa. I have French and Mexican Nationality. Is it legal for me to be living in Mexico? (I know for Mexico it is since I have mexican citizenship) but I was wondering if I will have any issues...