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    Become US Citizen, what about under 18 kids?

    Besides what Cafe said ... immigration laws change over time and after 3-4 rounds of changes (let us say over 40 years), who knows if someone will believe the story that your kids got naturalized through you ... I am kidding of course but if laws do change, you do not want them a novice clerk...
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    I have heard of people changing their DOB by 6 months or 1 year to get school admission, but that was old days and nowadays birth certificate rules. However, since you are 54/64, the old rules may apply, but a change of 10 years ... I guess if your parents leave a deathbed confession saying they...
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    Case Scenario: Two 6-12 month absences without re-entry permits.

    Others have answered and I think its a game of odds on how much time does the officer want to spend on your case. But lets try to analyze the above statement .... While you had a lease for the apartment, can you show the utility bills in your name? What was the source of income through which...
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    Should I become US citizen and leave?

    Go ahead, take USC and leave. I left then came back to US in 4 years as I changed my mind. The option is great to have. Taxes - yes it is painful but you file it once, you can file it again. It becomes mechanical. Only pain is if you earn too high and your residence country taxes too little -...
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    Extended review when in Queue for oath

    That is life for many people going through some step or other of the immigration process ... And the numbers are just averages. You may be an average joe and comply with averages, or you may be an outlier. What you need to do is to prioritize and go with an action plan which makes most sense...
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    N-400 application denied

    You are right, it is not a problem! But it could be a trigger for scrutiny. That's probably what I was trying to say ==> CIS has reasons to be suspicious. How deep do they go with their suspicions, how legit is the situation - is obviously not in our control. But the burden shifts ever so...
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    N-400 application denied

    ==> Now I was reading on the forums that if N-400 is denied that they might start removal proceedings (In this case reason - “not met requirement of having been lawfully admitted permanent resident). You are just assuming the above or did you receive a letter from CIS? Forums usually have...
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    Travel to India: Catch 22 Situation

    This is old knowledge, but PIO used to be a month and OCI 2 months if no issues - this is if you directly go to FRRO/MHA and avoid the mailing. Add a month if you run into issues. Mailing add another month - I went to MHA personally a month after mailing it in and there was a pile of files just...
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    Travel to India: Catch 22 Situation

    Of course you need to renounce/surrender if you want entry visa but a friend did this a year back and I believe travisa + SF consulate would let you do this in parallel as long as the docs (old passport) were submitted (in SF's control). I just saw a thread that travisa is out and someone else...
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    Question for those who applied for the passport book and card separately

    Congratulations JackO ! Maybe the cosmic energy made me visit this forum after a long time ... just in time to see your approval/oath update.
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    Travel to India: Catch 22 Situation

    Hi All, how's everyone doing? Long time no see (at least for me) ... One option which OP may be able to use is to not worry about PIO/OCI but just take an entry visa to get to India. File the OCI while in US and then return to US for the OCI stamping. Or file the OCI from India itself. Not sure...
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    Has anyone travelled after FP and before Interview

    Safe in what way? If you are worried about denial, unless you are barely meeting residency criteria, it is not an issue. If you are worried about missing mail, you should get more than a 2 week notice for interview. That again should not be an issue. If someone can check the mail in your...
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    Applying Citizenship for wife while she is out of US

    First of all, each person applies for their own citizenship (unless minor). How is she going to sign the form?
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    Travel to India via europe

    Dubai :- ATM and credit card should work. Changing traveler cheques is hard, banks usually limit to USD 500 a day and it might take 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the queue. Money changers are expensive, but you can find them. December is a fantastic time to visit as otherwise it will be...
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    Travel to India via europe

    If it is the same airline, you can try your luck and get the bags checked all the way. I have done it during domestic travel and the airline staff was very helpful. You can always get the boarding passes for the next flight from one of the counters at the airport (without going through passport...