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    I got a traffic ticket before my oath ceremony...please help!!

    Scenario 4: Hire a prostitute to claim he/she was driving at the time. Explain to wife what it "really" involves to obtain US citizenship. Moral of the story: you've already been approved for oath ceremony. If USCIS was going to pursue you for withholding evidence at the naturalization...
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    I got a traffic ticket before my oath ceremony...please help!!

    That's assuming that USCIS would pursue someone for not disclosing a minor traffic on their application (as many people do), unless specifically asked at interview about traffic tickets. If the IO specifically asks about traffic tickets at interview, and the applicant willfully withholds such...
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    I got a traffic ticket before my oath ceremony...please help!!

    Did the traffic ticket involve an arrest? Did the IO at interview specifically ask about traffic citations?
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    I got a traffic ticket before my oath ceremony...please help!!

    1) Did you mention the ticket during the interview? 2) The N-400 form instructions state you don't need to submit documentation for certain tickets under $500, not that you don't have to disclose them altogether.
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    Pros and Cons for asking to reschedule N400 interview.

    It really depends on the IO and DO. I was able to get my interview changed to the same date as my wife's without delay by going to the DO via Infopass and explaining situation.
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    If you answered no on the form, and then yes at interview you'd better be prepared to explain the discrepancy. Best to keep your responses consistent between form and interview to avoid further scrutiny.
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    What does "recommended for approval" mean?

    It means that everything looks good with your application and interview, but that a final review by an IO is required.
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    N400- CR Supporti ng Documents - Send with Application orBring them to Interview?

    Copies with application, originals at interview.
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    I need advice regarding Naturalization

    You never were presented with a ticket at the time of the incident, not were you ever knowingly charged with anything. The landlord likely filed a property damage claim against you just in case you decided not to pay for the damage. You paid for the damage, and the citation was dismissed...
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    I need advice regarding Naturalization

    You're worried about a dismissed citation? You were never arrested, so you have no criminal record. A record of an old dismissed citation is not the same as a criminal record. Stop worrying about a dismissed citation from 2004.
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    I'm new to this forum this is my first thread can you guys please help me?

    No, since your upcoming hearing is part of original application. If you reapplied, you would have to perform tests again.
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    Arrest records and interview

    Were you ever convicted? What was the arrest for?
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    Going to court after sending N400, but before the interview.

    Collection agency suits are civil matters and don't affect naturalization eligibility, unless you were charged with something more serious like medical fraud.
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    Continuous Residence...Wait for 4 year and 1 day or Take a chance?

    It helps preserve her permanent residency status after extended stays abroad. No, not for naturalization purposes.