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  • this is part 2 of my post, thanks..

    I was charged with

    P.L 155. 30 01 EF Grand larceny
    P.L 155. 25 00 AM Petit Larceny

    P.L 155. 30 01 EF Grand larceny was dismissed
    P.L 155. 25 00 AM Petit Larceny Reduced to 240.20 07 V

    Pl. 240. 20 07 V Disorderly conduct. Pled Guilty

    Since this day , i have never done anything wrong, and have clear record.

    I have been a permanent resident for 5 years, and was debating to apply for naturalization, and was wondering what your opinion of the situation would be.

    I read some posts saying you should wait 5 years before the plea date and i read some posts saying it doesnt matter. My case has been already 4 years, and i was wondering should i wait the extra year, or try it now anyway.

    Any help would be great, and would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Hello Bob,

    I have read many of your posts and saw that you have much to offer in their time of need.

    I wanted to explain my situation and see what you thought your opinion was of what to do.

    I am a 23 year old male, living with my family, running a family business, while attending school to get my Master's Degree. I already have an Undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University, with a 3.7 G.P.A.

    When i was 19 years old, my friend worked at Macy's, and convinced me that he received big discounts on merchandise, and i opened up a credit card with him, where me and him would go shopping, and in return for using my card, he would give me significant "discounts" and clear the charges that we made together, and just told me to give him the money.
    Dear Bobsmyth:

    I do not what to do and I need suggestions. Here is my story.

    Today I received my NOA Letter.
    My Full Name is xxxxx xxxxx
    Whats written in the Applicant Name and Mailing Address part is xxxxx N. xxxxx

    I put (N/A) in the middle name part when I submitted my application.

    I am so sad now and I do not know what to do. I started a topic in the form and waiting for suggestions.

    FYI: F/P letter has already mailed.

    Thank You.
    I have been interviewed on 4 th May 2010 for citizenship . To my knwledge my case i on the table of the Supervisor of Immigration in San Francisco table with no progress yet . I have talked to the higher level of Immigration Services, Infopass and have written letter to to the IO who interviewed me . No feedback or response yet . What else I can do to expedite my Naturalization Case . Thanks
    Dear Bobsmyth
    Hi, no I sent the document by 1st classs mail . On May 27 I called IO os Immigration Services . He told me that your sase is still pending . Refer to the local office to check the requested document is reached to them or not . I went again to Plice Office and got a new Clearance . Then today May 28 went to Infopaa . She told me that she can not check about the document so she said to mail again the previous and new clearance to Immigration Office > I did by registered mail .
    Dear Bobsmyth,
    I was interviewed for citizenship in San Francisco on May 4th 2020 . The IO gave me Form-N-14 (Because of the twice low quality fingerprint) to mail them Police Certificate for Record Clearance . I mailed them on 6th May . Now yet the case is not approved yet . What should I do ? please tell me
    question 29 of form DS-230 part II ask for the name and address of petitioner.
    so sir, i wish to ask that who is the petitioner in this case?
    i filled my name and address as the petitioner in the form i sent back to KCC as am the principal applicant.
    am i right or wrong?
    if i am wrong, then what can i do to solve the problem?

    thanks in anticipation for your usual consideration.

    I am really happy to be part of this forum I saw a couple of yours comments,I wish I could to find an attorney,because I will have my Biometrics appt. tomorrow in raleigh North Carolina my green card is base on vawa I360 approved.I left my abusive husband in december 2008 ,a friend of mine (american citizen) helped me a lot and We got involve and we are in love We are living together since I left my husband ( I am not divorce yet).But the serious problem is I got pregnant after one month I left my husban and our baby is 5 months old.

    My appt. is for my I485 for my green card is coming. Could you advise me please,is going to be a reason for them to deny me the green card because I had a baby with another person while I was waiting for my green card???
    I am really concern about it.I read The only reason They can deny a self petioner vawa is if the person get married again before to be approved.

    Thanks I will appreciate your answer!!!

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